Autumn Fashion 2013…what I will be making and what I love

I have a lot going on in my sewing lineup this season. Late spring and early fall is when I make all my clothing, shoe, and beauty purchases, and when I like to make new clothing. Right now I am making an “autumn print” blouse with short sleeves out of some leftover fabric I had. I really need some new tops right now, so that is what I am trying to focus on. I also have the sweatshirts I am making as well.

Here are some other things I have added to my “to do” list…

I am making this blouse. Instead of my blouse having pink flowers….

It will have purple ones! I bought this fabric in 1996 at Cloth World, when there still WAS a Cloth World!
I would walk to this particular store from the little house we were living in at the time in my home town. The store is no longer there. It became a Joann, and now I believe it is a Ace Hardware.

I have some “raisin” colored wool melton, and some black wool melton. I am trying to decide what to do with them, but there are so many choices, that it is driving me nuts!!! Here are some ideas I have been looking over…

This color is almost identical to the wool I have. I was thinking of making a trench. I don’t like the length of this however. I would shorten it up like the pictures below. This is a Burda Pattern.

Burda pattern

 Now here is what it would look like if it was shorter…I like this better….

In black

In Ivory. 

Here are some more trench options by Burda…

again..not into the length here, and not sure about the flap?

I do like this one. It is much simpler. 

I like this a lot…but not these sleeves. I would use the sleeves in the picture below, in fact I think I would just add just a little more length to the coat below and then just use that pattern? 

Possibly in black?? There are no visible buttons on this. I still can’t decide if I want buttons or not!? or would I make this in the raisin color? and use a button style coat for the black…like the following photos…
This is almost like my orange coat, but I still like it. It would look great in black

I also have some blush pink wool I will be making a coat out of as well. This is what I have had in mind to do with it this whole time…

I have loved this coat for a couple of seasons now.

Here are some other coat and jacket styles I am interested in…

This is just cute…I would like to find a nice print to make this out of! Love the houndstooth

Right on par with this seasons style. The masculine style boxy coat

Simple moto jacket

Capes…again…I have this color wool

I love boyfriend blazers…they go with everything

another cape

classic moto jacket….

Here are some boots/booties/ankle boots I am loving for my wardrobe this season….

Love these…

A must have. I like them in black

And these…I adore. I love the color!!

I have a ton of stuff still in my lineup. I need not to think about it or I get overwhelmed. I am hoping to get as much done as I can so I can free up more fabric storing space! LOL! I need to use this stuff up!

Today I posted at a few link parties. Here is where I posted…

So which coat styles do you like best that I have posted?? Which would you go with??? Please leave me a comment below. I would love your feedback!

Until next post,

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  1. Hi Amy. I love the camel trench with the wider collar. TDF! As for the other coats,(I love coats and have two pieces of wool bought in Paris three years ago that are screraming at me to become coats!!), The bleck/white houndstooth one is cute as a button and would be lovely on a young person like you!

  2. I love LOVE LOVE coats!! I can't wait to wear all of mine! 🙂 I would love to see the goodies you bought in Paris. How awesome to shop there! I look forward to doing that someday! 🙂
    Thank you for the lovely complements. You have inspired me to make a blog post with all of the coats I have in my closet! 🙂
    Thanks Diana for stopping by. Always lovely to hear from you 🙂

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