Done with sweatshirt #1…now on to #2 and a new dress…

Sweatshirt pattern I used from KwikSew

The Victoria’s Secret sweatshirt that inspired me. I did break down and buy it when they sent me a gift certificate!

So I have completed my “Silver Stars” sweatshirt. I came out great. Now I will be making a white one with plaid elbow patches. I hope it comes out just as good, if not better.

After I am done with the white sweatshirt, I am making a dark hunter green knit dress with some very high quality Calvin Klein jersey. It is pretty heavy duty, and has an amazing tight stretch. It will make a wonderful “wiggle” dress. I have been so utterly inspired by Victoria Beckham dresses lately, that I think I will model my dress after one. It will be my design, but inspired by one of these…

I don’t think I need to explain why I like this one…

I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS ONE!!! I love how Miranda Kerr looks here! JUST FABULOUS! This is the look I am going for.

Love it !

Here is that orange one again!

I love pink!

This is just awesome!


So we will see what I come up with here. I hope what ever it is, that it comes out great.

Here are some link parties I posted my Autumn Leaves blouse up on…

I need to get to work on my “inspiration board” for my styling class. I need to put together some looks for a mock photo shoot!

Stay tuned for my “Silver Stars” sweatshirt outfit pics!
Until next post,

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