My ” Silver Stars” sweatshirt and the “Wearing hearts on my sleeve” sweatshirt….

Here are the photos of my completed “Silver Stars” and “Wearing hearts on my sleeve” sweatshirts…

First up…..

For this look I wanted to so with a soft and dreamy color scheme. I chose my caramel booties, my pink candy satchel, and silver accessories and my mint watch. This is a total casual look to be worn when out and about running errands and what not. When winter comes I will add a coat or jacket, and a scarf.

Warm and snuggly sweatshirt. The stars are really shiny!

Soft and dreamy colors….Booties from JustFabLuxe

After we shot the “Silver Stars” outfit, I quickly changed into my next outfit, and we headed out to my favorite spot to take photos…
Up next….

I was having fun when we were taking these pics! It was rather windy, but a beautiful day!! You might recognize the fabric used to make my heart elbow patches. It is the same fabric that I used to make my Galaxy dress.
I was cracking up here…my family was making me laugh!

Without you can see in the background, the leaves are starting to turn color!!

Again…I was getting ready to bust up laughing. I love this sweatshirt! It is warm, soft and poofy! LOL!

Styled with the scarf. LOVE IT! Bag from JustFab.

Love this outfit!! It makes me feel like autumn is really here!

There is a bit of red through the plaid on the patches, red stripes on the ankle boots, and of course the red from the scarf pulls it all together!
Detail of Plaid Heart Elbow patch

I am making an aqua green sweatshirt for Ciarra, and it will have charcoal grey heart elbow patches. The patches are leftover fabric from a coat I made her a couple of years ago!

I want to thank my family for helping me with everything here. My husband who patiently puts up with the sewing supplies all over the house while I work, and who shoots my amazing photos. I want to thank my daughter for her help in styling things, and giving her advice. It is always wonderful to have a second set of eyes, and also a different point of view. Every designer out there has someone they can rely on for this. Ciarra does a wonderful job!
I want to thank my little man Soren for helping with camera equipment, and giving his support when ever he can.
I love you my family! Thank you so much for everything. You are the best. I could not imagine my life without you! XOXOXOX

I love my Girl! She is the best!!!

MY HUBBY! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! (and I love this pic!)
I love you Soren! My little Viking boy!

I am in the process now of cutting out a blouse, a sweatshirt, special ordering some custom zippers, and putting together a duffle coat pattern, and tweed blazer! Oh and lets not forget my forest knit dress. PWEW! I am tired just thinking about it! I also have my faux fur jacket, pale pink coat, orange blazer, knit cardi, royal blue dress and jacket…and the list goes on and on….These are the projects I wish to accomplish over the coming weeks. We shall see what I get done and when. I have stacks of fabric just waiting, including fabric I purchased for garments to sell! When it is just sitting there, I get ANTSY!

Time to get some brunch and check into school!!
Have a wonderful coming week everyone!!
Until next post,
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