Our Smith Mountain Lake trip, my “I Love Autumn” board on Pinterest, Projects I am working on, and more!

My family and I had a wonderful time at Smith Mountain Lake. We fell in love with the area. The homes, and the surroundings are so charming, and the farmland all around is so beautiful. Here are just a few snapshots and videos from our trip. If you would like to see more, just check out my Instagram! I am not finished posting things yet!
The best way to wake up in the morning! On your floating dock, with a hot cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee!! YUM

The family playing pool in the “game center” basement. There was also air hockey and ping pong.

SNUGGLE TIME! As you can tell, it was chilly on this morning.

Batman’s Lake House! LOL

I love Smith Mountain Lake

My little buddy on the deck of the “Rustic” lake house

The kids on the paddle boat

The kids tubing

The harvest moon was utterly amazing!


At the marina where we filled up the boat. You can see our boat with Ciarra and Soren waiting!

Hi Ciarra!

Ciarra driving the boat in the moonlight.

This was the winery literally right up the street from us! we could walk there if we wanted. This Vidal Blanc is so yummy with smoked gouda! 

SO PRETTY! this is what it looks like around areas of the lake where there isn’t forest.
And here are a few quick videos…..

We already can’t wait to go back to the lake. We absolutely love it there!!! We went at the right time too. It was peaceful and beautiful!
My “I Love Autumn”Board on Pinterest has grown quite a bit. I have a ton of new pins with everything from food, decor, fashion, ideas and all sorts of beautiful imagery. You should stop by and check out what is there! I am sure you could find something to your liking!
click HERE to view my board!

I am currently in the process of sewing together one of my sweatshirts. There are so few pieces to this one, it should take me no time at all to complete it. I will need to pull out my coverstitch machine for this one. I am pretty sure I have all the thread I need. I hope it comes out great!
I have been posting my Autumn Leaves Blouse around a few link parties, and up on BurdaStyle. Here is where I posted recently….

The weather here is getting more “fall like” and I can wear light jackets and sweaters. This of course brings a huge smile to my face, as I have been waiting for a while to wear my autumn clothing and best of all, my BOOTS! YAY!
I also have quite a few sweater dresses. I just LOVE fall!
Time to get back to work on school projects and what not….
I hope everyone has a fabulous week!!
Until next post,

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