The Vogue pattern 8280 Plaid “galaxy dress”…a cautionary tale….

FINALLY…I have completed “round 1” of the Vogue pattern #8280 “galaxy dress”. This dress has taken weeks to complete because of the “house” situation we have going on right now. There was never a solid block of time in which I could work on it. Because of this I ended up hacking the skirt shorter than I was supposed to for the view I was trying to make!!
The directions that came with this pattern UTTERLY SUCK. They have you jumping all over the damn place, and it is VERY easy for someone to get confused, and begin making the wrong view. Because of this I recommend that if you are going to make this dress, please do so in a undisturbed place, where you can work on each section long enough to complete it.
ALSO…the sleeves…good god! Who in the hell decided this is the way they should be put together, because it is so crazy. First off…how in the hell are you going to see your notches to create the pleats if you are sewing the lining and the outer shell of the sleeve together first? This makes no sense. Then they have you pleating the sleeves with the lining and shell TOGETHER. I had a thicker fabric to work with, so this was a major pain the A**! I say, make the pleats on each piece, and then sew the damn things together. That way you can line them up perfectly.
The netting sleeve header…totally unnecessary if you have thicker fabric or actual shoulders. Perhaps the original model had none? The pleats make it poofy enough.
For “round 2” of this dress, I will be using a pretty pink linen I have. I will be taking the bodice in to a side seam of 3/4 inch, and the same for the seam on the sleeves. I want it a bit more form fitting in these areas. I also might leave out the netting.
When I thought I was done making the dress, I realized it was WAAAAYYYY too short!!! YUCKY! It looked like “slutty secretary” and I am not about looking skanky or slutty! I was so upset, but then I remembered I had a scrap of fabric left over…just enough to add the kick pleat bottom that was shown for view’s D and C (I was making E) HOORAY!!! problem solved!! I quickly created the new bottom of my dress, and attached it. YAY!!! Now I looked like a proper lady, and not a hoochie from the Fredrick’s of Hollywood catalog!! I went from hating the dress, and wanting to cry, to loving it dearly. Now I can be proud to be seen in it while in public!! LOL.
Without further ado…here is my completed dress….


And now this is what it looked like when it was too short….FRIKKIN YUCK!!!

Fredrick’s of Hollywood anyone? LOL
Kick pleat on view D that I added to fix the total screw up!

And so ends the tale of the plaid galaxy dress. The next one I am making is a solid bright pink. I think it should look great when I am done. This one will not have the kick pleat, but the long fitted skirt that covers the knees.
I want to start cutting out a blouse pattern today, and also cut out the pink galaxy dress. I figured I would take labor day weekend to try and catch up on some sewing!
I hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday weekend.
Until next post,

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