Creating a Viking Costume for Soren….

This year for Halloween my son Soren is going to be a Viking. While searching for a costume, all we found was a helmet and a “hammer”…but no luck with the other parts.
So in this case it looks like I will be making the rest! I will also be making the pattern myself.

I LOVE this show! This is a great source for ideas.

This is a costume…I mean…REALLY COSTUMEY! LOL! But its great for Halloween! Soren already has the helmet.

Soren posing with his garb.

I bought the fabrics today for the tunic, fur boot toppers,trim, cape, and even pants, but it turns out we may just use a pair of pants he already has. For the boots he will use his Uggs, and I will cover them with a fur set of spats.

Fabrics for Soren’s costume

I hope to get to work on his costume this weekend, so I can get it out of the way. I want to continue working on my other projects as well.

Today I posted up at the following link parties. Check out all the great ideas!

Time to get back to work!
Until next post,

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