Fall leaves…and more….

This year I am a little late in following one of my favorite websites for this time of year. The Foliage network gives detailed reports on leaf change in the midwest, northeast, and southeast. I have been looking at this site for years!
Here is how it looks according the last report (October 2nd) in these three regions of the USA…

This is the Southeast…where I am right now! It looks like we should have some pretty color when we go to the apple orchard in a week!

As always…the Northeast rocks a great color explosion!!

And the Midwest. I have only been through Ohio on this map. I know the color gets pretty amazing here as well.

There are also webcams you can view through the Foliage networks site…for example, here is what it looks like today in Hunter, New York…

If you would like to follow the Foliage Network’s reports, webcams, and info, just click HERE!
Today I posted up at several link parties…including one that supports Breast Cancer Awareness…

I would love it if everyone would should support by checking out Holly’s link party!! Support the cause!! Holly is also a breast cancer survivor.
Check out the party yourself at: http://coconutheadsurvivalguide.com/october-is/october-is-breast-cancer-awareness-month/

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