Holly Fork Pumpkin Patch trip 2013

Ciarra and I with one of the pumpkins we bought this year!

Yesterday the family and I took our annual trip to Holly Fork Pumpkin Patch. The weather was chilly (as you can tell from the way I am dressed!) It was a beautiful day! We always have a great time talking to the owners of the farm. They are the nicest people! This spring they will be opening up a You Pick strawberry patch. We will be checking that out as well. ๐Ÿ™‚
Here are some images of our fun day out at Holly Fork….

What it looks like on the way to the farm. The fall color is now coming in because it has been freezing at night here.

The lake before you get to the farm
When we arrived

Please don’t sit on the pumpkins!!

For Thanksgiving!!
This way to the chickens!

So curious!!

What are you looking at??? LOL
Out to select our pumpkins! I told you it was a pretty day!

Ciarra with one of our pumpkins!

Soren hauling our selection!


Time for some pumpkin chuckin!
Soren getting ready!
And there it goes!! I love how I caught it just as it was leaving the launch!
He busted it!
Look at the shadow from John’s launch! You can see the pumpkin leaving!
As we were leaving to pay, we picked out one of the blue/green pumpkins as well. We had a great time at Holly Fork. We will be back in spring for the strawberries!!

We had a wonderful time on the farm yesterday. It is always nice to get out and enjoy the crisp fall air!!
It is definitely getting colder here. It was white outside again this morning. I LOVE IT!
We need to take our annual fall boat ride soon. If the weather keeps going the way it has been, I think we will have more snow this year. Only time will tell!!

Today we are going to take a bike ride. I look forward to it!! I wonder what the trees will look like??

Have a great day everyone!!
Until next post,

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