Midterm Editorial Choices…Spring 2014 RTW looks

This past week I turned in my midterm for my Styling class. We had to put together a complete editorial shoot, with model, hair, makeup, 8 looks, location, and inspiration images to express theme and mood, and photographer. It was a really cool assignment, and not as easy as one might think.
I knew that I wanted a lot of drama and mystery with my shoot. I also wanted a very beautiful location as well. We had to select a photographer who has worked regularly with W magazine, Vogue Italia, or V magazine. I knew immediately who I wanted to shoot this editorial, and drama the man delivers! I will get more into that in a bit.
After looking at the Spring 2014 RTW looks, there were two famous paintings that kept whizzing through my head. They were Midsummer by Edward Hughes, and John Singer Sargent’s Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose. These would be my inspiration/mood/theme images:

Midsummer by Edward Hughes.
I actually have this one framed! It is perfect for the mood I wanted to express.

John Singer Sargent’s Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose.

After looking at these inspiration images for a while, I knew I needed a good location that is just as beautiful, and dramatic as these paintings. i also knew I wanted to shoot at dusk and into the evening,  so this is the location I picked:

The amazing Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island. Click HERE to learn more. 

The looks I chose for this assignment were from the Spring 2014 RTW collections. We had to pick looks from the following designers, and this was what I selected. Since we would be shooting in the evening, I knew I wanted lots of sparkle (which is what the SRTW 2014 collections are all about!):

Alexander McQueen


Roberto Cavalli
Saint Laurent

To really appreciate how much these garments sparkle, I suggest a visit to Style.com, and visit these spring 2014 collection slide shows, in which you can “move it”. There are clips with actual footage from the runway!

When I went to select my models I had two Paris agencies in which to choose from. I went with INC. I chose Kasia as my model for this shoot. Why? Because she reminds me of the girl in the Midsummer painting above!

For hair and makeup I wanted big drama…so this is what I picked out…

And as for my photographer….I went with the amazing Steven Klein. 

He has shot so many famous people and models, with dramatic results…perhaps you may recognize some of these???

I love the sense of drama, and storyline Steven brings to life through his photography. It is no wonder he is such a success.

In addition to the imagery, we had to submit a word document explaining our choices etc. We also had to include links to our models portfolio and our photographers web page.

Again….make sure to check out the looks I have picked on Style.com. The Lanvin show has so much mystery and glam sparkle! I also love how glittery that amazing Prada dress is!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Until next post,

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