Midterms turned in YES! Pumpkin patch trip today and Soren the viking feature on Made in a Day

Yesterday I took my midterm for my art history class, and it only took me 45 minutes! My daughter grilled me on all the material for two days, so I knew it well (I would spout the answer before she was even done talking! LOL) and now I am sure she knows it well now too! LOL
I also turned in my styling midterm. I love the looks I picked out for my “editorial shoot”. I will post these on Monday, as I don’t want to put them up while others are still turning theirs in. Check back Monday to see my model, location, hair, makeup, and looks!

Today we take a trip to the Holly Fork pumpkin patch! We went last year as well. We also might check out PumpkinVille in Toano, VA too.

I wanted to give a big thank you to Kim at Made in a Day for featuring Soren in his Halloween costume!

My Soren the Viking!! Thank you Kim! 

Time for me to get ready to go, and enjoy some family time! It is already frosting and freezing at night. Yesterday morning when John and I got into the car to go to his work, there was ice on the windshield!!! Winter is coming!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
Come back to see photos of our trip to Holly Fork and also my editorial midterm!
Until next post,

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