Our apple picking trip, mountain biking, and more….

This past Friday, my family and I took our annual trip to go apple picking. This time we did NOT go on a weekend, and it was raining, which meant that crowds were not large, and it was MELLOW. LOVED IT!!!
When we arrived at the mountain, it was not raining, which was perfect. The sky was really overcast, which made colors pop. It was nice and cool, and I actually wore my orange duffle coat!!  My son and I wore rain boots, while dad and daughter wore old crummy sneakers. It was wet and muddy, and the bright red clay soil really stuck to our shoes. The cool weather also kept the wasps and bugs hiding where ever it is that they go. Last year it was warm and sunny, so the yellow jackets were buzzing all about. I just love October!!!
Here are some images I took with my phone. I also have a short video up on Instagram, if you want to check it out.

Up this way!

I love this road. I took a pic of it last year as well. It makes me want to hike!

View of the Vineyard 

John, Soren, and Ciarra walking to the trees to pick!

Great view

Entering the picking zone!
Soren with all those apples! These are Jonagold I believe

Father and Son picking apples

Yummy Jonagolds!

Apple anyone?

These are Granny Smith apples. They just opened the picking area up for these when we got there. 

Look at all those apples on the ground! Sometimes when you would go to pick, they would just fall out of the tree!

John and I

When all was said and done…this is what we ended up with apple wise….
Just over 33 pounds of apples!!! These are large bags. They covered our counter.
We had a great time picking apples. I would love to go back up again, possibly on the way back from Mount Vernon. We will be headed up there on the 1st of November.
As I stated earlier, we have had a ton of rain. The last time this happened in October, we had a GOOD winter, with a TON of snow. That was 5 years ago. I think we are due, and that is what will happen in a couple of months here again. I LOVE IT!
The rain finally took a pause yesterday, and so we headed outdoors to go for a bike ride. Because of the government shutdown, we had to park in Newport News park. We were able to ride our normal ride pretty much…we just prefer to park at the battlefields. Here are some pictures I took…
I totally LOVE this sign!! 

Taking a pause in our ride to check out the historic road. Since there has been no traffic because of the shut down, the road is COVERED in leaved and debris.

That is the road there you are looking at….not a dirt trail. It is so covered in leaves because of the rains, and also no cars or maintenance! 

Ciarra looking for baby fish. She found some.

Where we took my “Cabin 8 Coat” pictures. To see them just look in my 2012 blog posts. I think it is in September or October.

So it is back to the grind for me. I have my midterms next week, one of which is a proctored exam which I will be taking at my husbands work. I am also going to get back to working on my pink dress, and some other projects. I post up Soren’s Halloween costume at the following link parties…

I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Stay tuned to my blog for more updates and projects posted!!
Until next post,

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