Rainbows, arachnids, shoes and OOPS!

Yesterday morning I went outside to take a picture of the “red sky at morning”. The sky was a bright pinky orange in the east, and I loved the color. When I was done taking the picture, I turned to go back into the house, when lo and behold there was a double rainbow!!! This was even better than the pink red sky!!

Amazing surprise!!

I also was able to capture a couple of photos of the spiny orb weaver that has been living on our porch for a month now. I love these spiders! They are so cool looking!! Their webs are pretty neat too. Since there was rain, this one had its web messed up a bit, so was working on it when I took the pics…

Love these guys with their “jack the pumpkin king” looking backs!

We call this one “jack” LOL

I also found a pair of shoes that I totally love. I plan on wearing these a lot this fall. They go well with dresses, or pants, or skirts.

The Sari bootie by Paper fox
Sari booties worn two ways

                                            I love these booties…Can’t wait to style them!!

So I was working on my dress, and would have been able to finish the thing, but when I went to put the back bodice together I realized that I forgot to cut the lining!! Turns out I didn’t have enough left over fabric, so now I have to go get some BOO! I was bummed. The thing should be done next week for sure, and quite frankly I will be glad when it is.

Today I posted Soren’s halloween costume up at the following link parties…

Time to have some dinner. I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. TGIF!!!
Until next post,

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