Wouldn’t you just know it! Please excuse my rant….

Wow…so far the feelings and hunches I was having last week, about what would happen this week are becoming reality. It would figure that when I have projects to finish and two midterms to complete, that ton of other stuff would happen.
For instance…I had a feeling that someone would want to take a look at the house this week…and sure enough, when the house is in disarray and ALL of my sewing stuff is set up and spread all over the living room, I would get a text from my real estate agent…UGH!!! So of course I scramble and clean, and have to take down my temporary work station…God, please…give us a break here…let us please unload this house, and move already! I am at my wits end here. Having to live like you are walking on egg shells all the time just sucks. I need a work space that I don’t have to take down and put away! People who do not sew, or work on a large scale like I do will NEVER understand how this is. I am just glad my kids are respectful of what I do, stay out of my way, and are super careful around my work and projects.
My proctored history exam is on Thursday morning, and I hope I do well. I also have a editorial to style for the midterm in my styling class. I have not even started working on it yet, and that is something I was hoping to finish today…so much for that.
I am halfway through this semester, and I am looking forward to completing it. I always enjoy my time off, so I can spend more time with my family. The semester ends in December…mid month. I have my final photo shoot to prepare for and a final paper to write.

On another note…this past weekend I went out for date night with my husband, and spent some time outdoors with the family. Here are a couple of pics I took with my iphone…

A lone mushroom

a view of the lake from the trail

My two hams…

A bench in the woods

Looking down the trail

As you can see our autumn color has not come in quite yet. It is just starting to turn a bit. On November 1st we will be taking a trip to Mount Vernon to Visit George Washington’s house. Hopefully by then there will be color. Before that we will take another trip to the apple orchard so we can pick some pink lady apples and take some more pictures, hopefully of more color. I love visiting the orchard. It is such a lovely drive.

Time to go get some lunch for the kiddos! I hope all is well for everyone out there!
Until next post,

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  1. Except for the lake, the pictures look similar to my walk out to the farm road behind our house. Germany is all about benches in the woods. I love the pic of the mushroom. Sounds like you need to take a few deep breaths. 🙂

  2. And a few cocktails! LOL!! I am good…I just loathe having to take down all my sewing equipment when I am in the middle of work or feeling inspired. Lugging heavy machinery into top shelves can be scary. It reminds me of my grandmother when she fell off her counter and broke her hip that way! It freaks me out a bit.
    I need to get a new sewing machine, but I am waiting until we move. That thing will be much heavier than what I have now.

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