A few pics….

Hello! I have been “lost in cyber space” lately…well…not really….
I have been really busy with family, educational trips with the kids, my school projects, and prepping for the holidays. I haven’t had a moment to get on here and post!
I have finished my pink dress…FINALLY! So of course I will be posting photos of it sometime in the next couple of days. I also have to style and shoot an ad for a product for my styling class. I think I know what I will end up doing for that.

Here are some fall images I have taken recently. We have had a beautiful fall here this year, and today we had snow flurries!!! It was the first time I have seen that happen in November since we have lived here.
Anyway…here are the pictures. Enjoy!

John on his bike in the woods

Soren riding over the carpet of leaves! Love it!

The farm at the orchard. We went again!

Lovely jewels of nature!

View from the orchard

Riding down the trail

Some trees on the way home


I love going on road trips in the fall

My favorite tree at York river state park.

I think I posted this before…but I love it!

Ferns changing color

Beautiful color

These were left on the trail for the fallen soldiers

The fall color has peaked here. I have more pictures but I have not had the time to process them yet.
I am looking forward to the holidays with my family. My hubby’s birthday is in a few days!! I need to make him his annual cheesecake. He loves it! If anyone knows of some good recipes, please do share! I am always looking for new flavors to try out. Please leave me a link or a message below!

I hope everyone is having a great week thus far.
Until next post,

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  1. Apparently to the south of me, fall is still going strong. Here we still have some leaves, but not many. The woods on my property are letting light pass through more and more. Soon I will be able to see across the creek to the little hill and houses on the other side. It is definitely colder here now. I wake up to white frost all over, and the heater is kicking on more and more.
    Soon I will be looking to the future again, and my countdown clocks will go back to spring and summer!! 🙂

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