Amy’s Technicolor Coatigan….

My Technicolor Coatigan. If you don’t know what a Coatigan is, check out my previous blog posts for an explanation.
The jeans I am wearing are the coated jeans from Victorias Secret found HERE.  The top is also Victorias Secret, you can find a similar one HERE. Shoes are from Nine West which you can find HERE. Mine are leather. The Bag is from Just Fab HERE.

A detail shot of the fabric I used. As you can see there are two sides to this fabric, and both can be used. I love how the collar came out exposing the soft side. 
I changed up the direction of the stripes to create interest. I love how it creates angles with the collar and vertical and horizontal movement with the front, back cuffs, and bottom sections.

This is the manicure I whipped together for the photos. Both the base polish and top cat polish are from Sally Hansen. I love the whole “granite look”! I think it is neat…it reminds me of the splatter prints in the 80’s as well.
The base is the Greige color found HERE, and the top coat which gives that amazing splatter look is called Strobe Flash. You can find it HERE.

I am coming into the final stretch of this semester of school. I have a paper to write, and a photo shoot to put together!! I have enjoyed this semester a lot. It has been interesting!

My hubby is calling me to “Tiki Time” in the garage!
Gotta go!!
Until next post,

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  1. Thank you Diana. It is a really easy garment to put together. I think I need to give my machine a good cleaning. I am cutting out two skirts and a dress over the next two days, and I want to have the machine working great for that. πŸ™‚ Did you pick a fabric yet for your coatigan/coat?

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