Autumn Boat Ride and Biking…Pink Dress pictures later today!

Good Morning to you all…

Yesterday we went on our annual autumn boat ride. The color was great! We are at peak color or past peak, depending on where you are standing! Some areas have more leaf drop than others. The weather was 70 degrees yesterday and there was hardly any wind, so the conditions were perfect for a ride up the river. We did have a little rain in the morning, but that cleared up quickly. We did however come across strange cloud patterns, and you could see the fog coming in from the bay (not only was there rain in the early morning hours, there was also a fog advisory) We also saw a few little vortex/funnel clouds that were forming, and trying to drop down, but I am glad they didn’t. This is what they looked like…

There are two here. When we first saw them we were like “what in the hades!” They were trying to be water spouts I guess? It was weird because it was not windy at our level!

Another little one….

The trees were so pretty, and combined with the crazy variances in clouds, and levels of blue in the sky, it made for a beautiful day!

Lovely day!!

In the little bay where we ate our lunch

I love the trees!

I love how they landscaped the slope! It looks great in the fall!

In the distance you can see the fog. It was thick. You are looking towards the Chesapeake bay.
Going under the bridge

Little man driving the boat

Big man driving the boat!

Here are a few videos I took….

We also went mountain biking at York River State Park. Here are some images from that trip….

The leaves were dropping in this area! You can actually see bare trees now.

My favorite tree!

John pausing

The “Dragon” driftwood

Soren climbing on the driftwood

I just had to take a picture…the colors were amazing!

These were a couple of huge trees. I took this from inside the car as we were driving.

Here is a short video of the beach we biked down to. The kids love coming down here. It is peaceful, and you never know what you might see. The tide was incredibly low when we were there.

When the leaves are turning like this, I want to spend as much time outdoors enjoying it. Everyday is a gift of the most amazing color. I don’t want to miss a second of it!

Later today I will be posting the photos of my pink dress. We did not get around to finishing up the photos this weekend (like you can’t tell that! LOL!) Check back later this evening to view them.

I hope everyone else out there had a nice weekend, although I know some in the midwest did not. 🙁 My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who have lost their homes or loved ones in the tornadoes. Be strong. You will get through this.

Until next post,

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