Done with my “Technicolor Coatigan” and more….

So I completed my “technicolor coatigan” the other day. I need to get the pictures taken and posted up in the next day or so. I have to shoot photo’s of a “under 50 dollars” look for my styling class, so I will most likely be shooting pics of the coatigan then.
I am sure most of you can guess that a “coatigan” is a cross between a coat and a cardigan. They have coat style details, but are made of heavy knits. I chose a very colorful heavy knit for my coatigan, and boy! My sewing machine HATED ME! LOL! These garments and versatile, casual, and snuggly warm.
Here are some examples of “coatigans.” I found most of these on Dorothy Perkins and ASOS. They are quite popular in Great Britain (which is probably why I like them. I seem to gravitate to styles from across the pond!)

FYI-I got these pictures to finally load to my computer because I emailed them off of my phone to myself, and then from there uploaded them to the blog! I don’t know why it was not accepting them straight from the computer. I found this totally ODD. I just tried to upload a font logo (I have used these many times on this blog) and it would not accept it!! I hope Blogger gets this issue fixed soon. This is lame. 🙁

So stay tuned to my blog to see my version of a coatigan…
Until next post,

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