My “Pink Ribbon” dress

Here is my dress that I started making in October to support breast cancer awareness. I had a lot of things on my plate over the past few weeks, and they kept me from getting to my sewing projects. I finally finished it!

The dress is made of linen. My hubby bought me the fabric from a place called Florence Fabrics, in Torrance CA, about 12 years ago. It was a pretty cool fabric store, but unfortunately they closed. πŸ™
I think I am done with this particular pattern for a while. Perhaps in the future I will make yet another variation. 
I love the shoes that I am wearing with this dress!! They are so cute. The bottoms are silver. These shoes are surprisingly easy to walk in. They are not too high.
Up next in my sewing list is a cardi-coat. I will be cutting it out tomorrow. It will be made of a very colorful heavier knit. I should be able to complete it in the next two days.
Have a great evening everyone!
Until next post,

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