Our trip to Mount Vernon, I am still not 100% but able to blog today!

Hello everyone!
I have been pretty sick for the last few days and I have not been alone in my “my cootie fest.” everyone in my house has been ill! My entire family has been battling this horrible chest cold. For a few days there I hardly slept because I could not breathe at all, and no decongestant helped. It was utter hell. Today I am feeling better, but I am still not 100%. I have been fighting weakness and dizziness all day long.

Yesterday I was able to process some of the fall images I took with my iphone, including the photos I took at Mount Vernon. George Washington had excellent taste I must say. His property is hands down one of the most beautiful in all of the USA. One could only dream of having such a place. It is so incredible. My son kept saying “I want to live here!” and I don’t blame him one bit!!!

Here are some of the photos from our adventure….

On the road the fall color was utterly amazing…I was practically screaming with delight in the car because it was so beautiful!


We took the 301 because it is a MUCH prettier drive!! Forget the highway…this is the way to go.

Some color in the parking lot 

I love autumn!!

The property I WISH we could live at!!! I am in love!

East coast color!!!

The family walking up the path to get to the gardens

Inside the entrance…pretty stained glass

The upper garden. Lots of cold crops were growing

Such a lovely view!!

And there is the house! This is the backside.

Backside of the house

There is another walkway and little house behind me when I was taking the photo.
The front of Mount Vernon…with the kick ass view!! The best piece of real estate in America!!!

I think this was from the porch…

WOW!! George was no fool! Great location!!
This is the Potomac river.

I wanted to run down the hills! But you can’t. It is blocked off to keep people safe. That river can be deadly if it wants. I have seen it in a storm. SCARY.
This is what you see when you walk up to George and Martha’s tomb.

A place to reflect and relax with George and Martha

Mr. President. Our first!! George Washington. Resting in eternal sleep.

Our FIRST First lady…Mrs. Martha Washington.

The entrance to the tomb. There are also 25 other family members locked inside. The grounds keepers can not go in there! They DO NOT HAVE THE KEY!!! So they don’t know exactly who is in there! Interesting.

Pathway that leads to the tomb.
Such a lovely place. George had great taste.


One of the ways George got around

I loved the chickens! They were so curious and sweet!

Part of the lower garden

Ciarra and Soren admiring one of the trees George planted himself!! So beautiful!

A bridge into the woods

Down by the river. It was calm today

Mount Vernon is such an amazing place. It has such beauty and you can feel this amazing vibe while you are there. I felt very much at home there. It is not stuffy or snooty in anyway…just beautiful and so American! I just loved it.
I was not allowed to take photos inside the house or museum, but we did see the bed George slept and passed away in, and also his famous false teeth!!!
If you are ever in Virginia, I highly recommend you visit Mount Vernon. It is a place all Americans should visit.

I will be posting up more fall photos in the next day or so. I took so many pretty ones from the road, and also York River state park. I have a feeling this winter may just be a white one here. With the way the color looks this year, I would not be surprised.

Until next post,

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