The Christmas Wish list…

Every year around this time family asks me what is on my wish list for Christmas, and I always end up having to repeat the same message or email over and over again. I forget who I told what, and then of course I have to tell everyone what the rest of my family wishes for (why they just don’t ask them directly…I have no idea :-/ ) So this year I thought I would make it easy. I just decided to post my wish list here, then everyone can look at it when ever they want.

First off, I always love anything workout related. Here are the things I like when it comes to that…

These are my favorite shoes! The Nike Flex 2012 Run ID. These even have my name on them! I made them today on the Nike website. Now I just need to purchase them!
I like these colors. It is a combo of my favorite color and my daughters!

I LOVE the Victorias Secret VXSPORT!! These workout clothes are nice. They fit great! I love the way they feel on my legs.

I also like the workout wear created by….
Lots of the Oxygen cover models wear the Elisabetta Rogiani label
These are pretty unique!

 I always love stuff from Victorias Secret as well. This is the time of year I like to buy my hoodies, velour, and PJ’s!

Mu Go-To Pj’s. I love these! I love this color here too

Love this Fleece hoodie

Love this Velour hoodie

Velour hoodie and pant
I also love getting gift certificates…these are the places that I shop at a LOT.
Mood Fabrics.
Victorias Secret


ShoeDazzle…which as of right now has many things I love on it!
There are lots more things I could add to this list, but I have to think on them for a while.
I could add more expensive things here, like vacations, but that is for my hubby to decide! 😉
What is on your Christmas list this year?? Are you spending your holiday any place special?? This will most likely be the last Christmas my family will spend in our current house. Who knows where next year will take us!
Here are some link parties I posted my Pink Ribbon dress at. Check them out if you wish.

Until next post,

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  1. I love Victoria's Secret too! Nothing can compare to their jammies either. AND they hold up thru washes for a very long time. I'm glad you posted about the exercise wear; that looks really nice and I'm going to check that out too for myself! I have everything sewing related on my list. LOL That is the norm for me. I was wondering how one of my girls can just have everything My Little Pony related and then I thought….I am no different….I have everything sewing related!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAH! I have everything fashion related this year. The sewing stuff will come after I move. (which looks like will not be happening until the beginning of next year. This process is dragging butt!) I was cracking up at what you wrote because my daughter just bought a "My Little Pony" beanie at H&M when we were in Richmond! I have even seen MENS "My little pony" shirts! LOL!
    I seriously can't wait to get my new sewing machine. I need a decent button hole function!

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