Picture I took on October 31st 2013

Welcome November!
It is hard for me to believe we are already here. Where does the time go?? It seems the older I get, the faster time passes by…and when I was younger, it seemed to go so slow.
This coming month I have much work to get done for school, and I also have projects I want to create.
I have to admit, my project department is going S-L-O-W. I have still not completed my pink dress! This past month it was one thing or another that kept me from working on it. I would have finished it the other day, but I totally screwed up (because I got distracted!! UGH!) and I had to take out two very finished and tightly sewn seams. Try that on linen….it is REAL FUN…NOT! LOL. I guess I did well because nothing was torn or became unraveled, thank goodness!!
My goal for this month is to get as many things sewn as I can. I am challenging myself for sure. I want to get a couple coats and dresses made for my big photo shoot for my final (which I will be posting in mid to late december)
November is also when my husband was born, and let’s not forget Thanksgiving! November is when the trees go bare here, and things really get cold at night.
Today we are headed to Mount Vernon to George Washington’s home. We have never been there, so I am really looking forward to it. There is a possibility of rain today, so the umbrella is going with me! Speaking of umbrella…I would really love to get one of my own…a cute and fashionable one! This is one functional accessory that I have never really given much thought to…but now I am.

As you can see there are so many styles and prints for umbrellas. You could have a lot of fun collecting different shapes and colors. The possibilities are endless it seems.

It is time for me to get ready to go. I am excited to head north today! I am sure the drive will be nice. The trees have really turned color, and are already starting to lose their leaves!!!

Happy November everyone!! Have a wonderful day!
Until next post,

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