6 different looks..3 light…3 dark…My Styling class final reveal….

For my styling class final we had to create 6 looks for an editorial style spread. We not only had to style the clothing on the model, we also had to do hair, makeup, hire a photographer, hire any assistants or hair/makeup people, choose locations, organize equipment etc.

For those of you out there who think “oh that’s easy”…think again. It is certainly NOT easy, and having to deal with organizing everything, weather problems, making sure the garments are properly fitted and steamed, the photographer is getting the right shots, the hair is right, makeup is not runny etc…WHEW!!! All that and you have a deadline…

I am SOOOO LUCKY that I have a daughter to be my model, my husband is a photographer, and that my son is an excellent assistant. After reading what a lot of my fellow students went through with crappy or “unprofessional” photographers, models who flake, hair and makeup people who flake…what a frikkin headache!! It sucks! I have a suggestion to all of you out there who would ever consider hiring a model…DON’T go to Model Mayhem!! It blows. They are all flakes or weirdos. Save your money, and go through a good modeling agency, and have a backup model always. The same goes for photographers and anyone else you go to hire. If you are lucky enough to have a true friend in any of these areas who would work for you, then by all means, HIRE THEM. You need to be able to trust the people who work for you.

For my shots, I wanted to take them on location around Colonial Williamsburg. This did not happen because all it did the week I was shooting was rain!! So of course I had a backup plan, and we ended up shooting indoors for pretty much all of it. We did have a short brake in the rain on a Friday night, so we went out on the deck and took some pics there. The temperature quickly began to fall, and Ciarra began to shiver and shake, so we moved indoors after that, and there we stayed.

My concept was “light and dark” in which I styled 3 looks in pastel light colors, with a dreamy ethereal light, and 3 dark looks with moody, shadowy light. My inspiration was taken from the Art nouveau and  Art Deco periods, and I had a couple of inspirational images in which I based my colors, lighting, hair and makeup concepts on (I did the hair and makeup as well)…

I loved the colors here and the pretty dreamy style of it all. This is what I based my “light” shots off.

The lighting here for my “dark” shots was a big inspiration

Here how she is glowing in the outdoor light…I knew I wanted this for my outdoor night shots if I was able.

For the hair I wanted something similar to this. When you have a lot of humidity in the air, which we did, and your model has thin, straight hair, maintaining these looks can be a challenge…

For the “light” Looks. I wanted free flowing curls…

Again..inspiration for the light looks….
For the “dark” looks….slicked back, sort of severe..and moody.

And this is how the final shots came out….

For the “Light” looks….

A casual day look. The sweater is from Target. The coat was found on Ebay, Bag by Furla, Shoes Wild Diva Lounge,the skirt was made by me!

A more dressy casual look for going out….Pearls were made by Ciarra, Dress from Target, Sunglasses  Banana Republic,  Mink capelet is vintage (it belonged to my grandmother)
This look is more for a cocktail party or wedding. Dress purchased from Amazon. Vintage brooch belonging to my great grandmother, all other jewelry is from Charming Charlie. Shoes by Delicious.

And for the “Dark” looks….

More of a casual day look. Coat from Victoria’s Secret, Top and Skirt from Dorothy Perkins, Sunglasses from Target, Bag from JustFab, Shoes Nine West.
I LOVE THIS LOOK! This was my “clubby” look, and also the only shots we were able to take outdoors. Glam sweatshirt and cami tank from Target, Faux leather leggings made by me, Clutch purchased from Amazon, Shoes from ShoeDazzle, Gold hoop earrings were a gift from my husband.
This ball gown is vintage and made by my Gina! (Grandmother) I wore it to my Sophomore winter formal when I was in high school. The shoes are Steven by Steve Madden, sequin mini clutch purse from Victoria’s Secret, White gold and amethyst Snake Jewelry purchased on Ebay.

I would have enjoyed being able to shoot outdoors, as it is totally my “thing.” Shooting indoors is great because you have total control over everything about it, but I just enjoy an outdoor shoot much more.

I am waiting results of my history paper right now. I hope my instructor approves of it. I spent a lot of time doing research for it, and my brain is fried, so I hope I don’t have to change anything.

I am also going to be able to sew more in the next couple of weeks! YAY! I am so happy about that. I also will be able to do morning cardio again. YES! I like getting the cardio stuff out of the way early, so it gets done. I will continue my “beasty” workouts in the garage with my husband in the early evenings…tiki time!

Time to get back to my sewing…I love my new machine…it sews things up nicely!

Until next post,

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