A look back at my projects of 2013

Here is a review of my 2013 completed projects. I had MANY distractions this past year that kept me from making more garments. Here is what I was able to complete…

Summer Sunshine dress

Starry seaside wrap dress

godet skirt for my class…with godets pushed in as per Ciarra’s request.

My Classic Shirt project for class
1970’s bikini

Marie Antoinette bikini
notch collar jacket and empire waist dress for class

Cupid dress
My fall leaves blouse

Soren’s viking costume
Pink Ribbon dress

Galaxy plaid dress
Audrey Hepburn jumper

hearts on my sleeves sweatshirt

Silver stars sweatshirt

Technicolor Coatigan
End of Autumn Orange skirt

Plaid skirt

 I am looking forward to making all the things I have lined up on my 2014 sewing projects list. I hope to get more done this coming year.

What do you have planned in your 2014 lineup??? I would love to know! Do share!!
Until next post,

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