New sewing machine on the way, styling final photos done, I am in the final stretch!

Well it’s official…I had to break down and get another sewing machine!! The one I have has had it, and it can’t even make button holes anymore! I had no choice but to get another one to hold me over until I purchase my industrial machine. C’est la vie!

Yes…I’d like to let loose “office space style” on my old sewing machine! LOL!!!

I completed my photo shoot for my styling class final. I like the way the pictures came out! Ciarra looks amazing in them, and the clothes look fantastic.I will be posting these pictures up next week, so stay tuned!
 I had to switch my shoot to indoors for most of it because of the wet weather we have been having. Originally I was going to shoot on location at Colonial Williamsburg. No way that was happening. The weather has been utterly unpredictable! We went from 76 degrees on Friday with rain storms, to 35 degrees but with wind chill 28 degrees! Talk about weird. Right now we have a wintery mix going on here and there. I swear if it weren’t for the wind, we would have taken the boat out on Friday!

I have to finish my paper for my art history class this week and turn it in. I have gifts to wrap, and two gifts to buy. I will be glad when my sewing machine arrives! One of the skirts I am making actually has a crinoline to go under it. It will be interesting to see if I even need it, or want it for that matter.

Time to go wrap some gifts! I like to get it done early so that when Christmas eve rolls around I can just relax and have fun with the family.

Until next post,

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