My mock-wrap floral challis dress

This is the mock-wrap dress I recently made. It took me a while to finish it because my attentions were elsewhere (and I took some time off! YAY) This dress is so simple to make though, and can be put together easily in a day.
Since this is a rayon challis fabric that I used, I made sure to surge every single edge before putting it together. Let’s face it, working with challis takes patience, and you don’t want to be ripping seams out! This stuff ravels like no tomorrow!

An hour before we started taking these photos, it was 61 degrees outside! By the time we started shooting, the temps dropped 15 degrees, and it really started to get cold. The wind chill didn’t help either. Keep in mind that this is a THIN dress, with awesome drape, so when it comes to cold weather, you must wear a coat (and tights if you got em!) 

I was freezing by the time we took this, and so I threw on this sweater. I tried to take some pics in a fur collared coat I have, but we got three shots in, and I said “screw it! let’s go in! It’s too cold!” The boots I am wearing here are by Leila Stone, Handbag by Guess, sweater by Victoria’s Secret.

As you can tell from reading the captions, we have snow on the way. They have shut down some classes for kids today already. No one likes to drive in the snow when it is falling here. LOL! It’s funny because depending on where you live, driving in snow is normal! (it was for us when we lived in Washington. Everyone had a snow plow on their truck!)
I also wanted to share with everyone some of the new nail polish I purchased recently from Etsy…
Isn’t the name too cute!? I love this stuff! If I were my 11 year old self again, I would have flipped out over seeing this, and would beg my mom to buy it for me! LOL!! I had purple slip on Vans with unicorn shoelaces!! Unicorns were my thang!!
They were like this, but light purple and with the unicorn shoelaces in them!!
I will be working on some skirts for Ciarra next, and a light blue coat for me. It looks like I have some interesting work cut out for me with this semester, and I will actually be working on stuff to set up my E-commerce site! 
Stay tuned for more posts and info! 
Until next post,

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