Random Stuff, and New board

I have not been at my computer very much lately because of other commitments etc. Last night when I was laying in bed I had a minute to look around the web, and here are some things that I found and pinned on Pinterest…

This is just so pretty and feminine. I love it.
I believe this is in my “For the Home” board. 

Wonderful painting!

In my “fun and great ideas” board

I have to do this one!

in my fitness motivation board. TRUE!

I love this color and how dreamy these look. Perfect for a wedding or anniversary party.

I am so into the yellow lately. I love this house because the windows look like many of the older homes we have looked at. I love the bright and happy yellow, and the modern take on a retro feel.

Love it!!

For my daughter!! She wants to do this with her phone. Its in my “fun and great ideas board”

I bought this coat!

Art Nouveau! MY FAVORITE!

Cute idea!!!


I am so loving this!! Succulents are great!!

Interesting lighting ideas

Mermaids rule!


A good way to use all that zucchini in the summer!


On my bucket list!! I need to go to Norway!

This is just too cool!

You know how I love my fall!! I want to go on a morning run though the trees just like this!

I also just started a new board on Pinterest, called “Ideas for my Closet.” Here are a few of the pins there…
This is just so neat!! I love all the white and the bench to sit while putting on your shoes. The mirrored doors reflect light around and also give you plenty of surface area in which to check your outfits out!


OMG…yes!! the IKEA shelves are perfect for the handbags!

Just amazing. And a window for natural light!

HEAVEN!!!!! I need this for all my shoes!!


If you want to check out all of my boards and pins just click HERE. I do love spending time on Pinterest!! There are so many amazing things to look at. Imagery is my thing! It’s what I do and what I am all about!! I post a lot of pictures, because I LOVE PICTURES! I love seeing the world in various ways. Pictures motivate me, and give me great road trip/travel ideas. Pictures inspire me, and help me to create. When I see a place I love in a picture, I find a way to go there. Pictures are powerful things. My suggestion is to surround yourself with images of the places and people you love. It creates a shift in your attitude and consciousness…it helps you to focus on the positive, and forget the negative.

Its time for me to focus on the task at hand…and that task is taken care of at my sewing station! 🙂
Have a great day!
Until next post,

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  1. Thanks Shirley. I love Pinterest. When ever I have extra time, or just want to be inspired, I love to cruise through and look at all the goodies pinned! There are so many great ideas for just about everything. I have so many ideas for home renovation/decor now, and the fashion is so awesome!

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