Ciarra’s Faux-Leather Circle Skirt

This is the faux-leather circle skirt that I made for Ciarra recently. The fabric really did not want to cooperate with me, and I had to carefully remove seams more than once. The fabric does have a bit of stretch to it, and just wanted to go all over the place. I have worked with this fabric before, and made leggings with it, and I had no problems! This skirt just didn’t want to play nice, but it came out adorable.

All of my family has been thinking of our trip this spring to the Keys, and so we added a bit of a tropical touch, with the addition of a palm tree clutch!…hey…that rhymed! LOL.

I love the bright cantaloupe colored angora sweater. The color is so pretty in real life.

I am still working on my light blue coat. I hope to work on it some more this weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!
Until next post,

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