Today is my Birthday and Sunday is Ciarra’s 18th birthday! So it’s time to celebrate and have a good time.
After February and the start of March is over, we don’t have any birthdays in our household until November. It’s crazy because my Son’s birthday was just a few days ago, then mine and just a couple of days later is Ciarra’s. WHEW! That is a lot of birthday!
To celebrate today I know we are going “on an adventure”. Yet…I have no idea what that is yet, I am leaving all the planning up to John on this one. For Ciarra’s day, she wants to go to her idea of heaven…the bookstore and art store! 🙂 Then we are going to have a meal at our favorite sushi restaurant.
I am sure I will be taking photo’s on both days, and if I capture anything blog worthy, I will post it up here. This is going to be an interesting day! 
I hope everyone is having a fantastic week.
Until next post,

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