Hello!!! Long time no blog!!


Yes, I have been MIA a lot from the blog as of late, but for good reason. I am coming to the end of a long journey, and it is time to get things set up for the…..well….rest of my life really.

So what I have been up to then??

I have been researching a lot for the e-commerce side of things, trying to narrow down exactly what items I will be specializing in, exactly how to set up my site. There are MANY business details to work on, which thankfully I have my husband to help me with. Every designer MUST have a person they can truly trust with them to handle the business side of things. You can’t do it all yourself…no way…no how. Any designer out there will tell you that.

Yes…I am still working on my coat. I have a paper due this coming week, as well as my birthday (on the 26th) I am looking forward to my b-day, because I get to have some fun family time. I am not sure what will be happening on that day yet, but I know it will be an adventure what ever it is.
I will be posting up insta-fashion friday photo’s later. We had quite the storm yesterday, and the past week was one of wild weather. We actually had thunder and lightning!! That is purely a summer thing here normally, so the whole thing was totally WEIRD. I had lightning striking 7 miles from my house. Then yesterday we were drenched with a crazy downpour (which is the start in the video below) The good thing about storms, is that afterward the sky looks utterly amazing….
The rain as it started to come down hard
The sky after the storm!! So beautiful!
Come back later to see my insta-fashion friday outfit. Because of the temps being so warm these past few days, I chose to wear something a bit more spring like!!
Until next post,

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