My powder blue comfy coat, updates and more spring shoes

I am done working on my powder blue coat. For this coat I wanted it to be simple. No frills, no buttons, maybe just a sash (which I have not decided if i will add or not) something comfy and warm to wear around the house…no big deal. I wanted to attempt to create a more tailored coat, but instead of using fine woolen fabrics, I would be using a casual fabric such as fleece. The fleece turned out to be a tricky fabric, as it wants to stretch, and you can’t press it like you can a regular woven. Because of all that has been going on, I had to stop and start this project many times, and quite frankly, I got sick of looking at it. I just wanted to be done with it once and for all. The pattern I used was an old pattern from 1996 made by Butterick (#4666). I changed the length on it, and dropped down one size. The fabric I used for this was bought on sale for 3.00 a yard. While it is not on my favorite list of things I have made, it’s warm and nice to wear when kicking back on a chilly day.
No frills…just a warmth giving coat

Yesterday I went to the doctor about my injury, and they took x-rays. The doc originally thought I might have a fractured rib, but he could not find any evidence of one. 
YEP! That’s me!
It seems as though I might have sprained my ribs, but only a CT scan will tell for sure. I am scheduled to have one soon. Hopefully I will feel better before that, and will be able to cancel it. There is no cure for sprained or fractured ribs…only time can heal them. Nice huh?
I also received my shoes in the mail that I got for my birthday…
These are from Shoedazzle

JustFab floral heels! Love these. I showed a pic of these before in a previous post, but here there are as is. 

Some nude gladiator style lace up pumps

And the Saige sandal from Shoedazzle. I have these in brown as well. They are comfortable.
I am on to make my son a pair of slippers now. He has been asking me to make them for a long time. I hope they come together quickly, as I want to move on to making my lemon dress!!
I hope everyone is well, and having a nice week!
Until next post,

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