Spring Break…and I am on the mend.

It is that time of year again. Spring Break is upon us. While I am not an 18 year old college kid, I am going to school, and for me this means a week to chill a bit…at least where school is concerned.

I am in the process of recovering from an injury, so I have not been “up and about” like I normally am. I have been in a lot of pain, and sitting for long periods of time in front of a computer, or sewing table is   agony. This is one of the main reasons I have not been blogging. My focus is on getting well right now, so everything else, except those things that must be done are put on the back burner. Healing is priority one. I am so thankful I start physical therapy on Tuesday.

I was putting the finishing touches on a garment when my injury happened, and it is utterly frustrating to look over and see it just sitting there. I want it done. I also want to move on to making warm weather clothing. I am getting sick of looking at pants and coats. I want to wear a sundress and sandals! While we have actually had some freak 70 degree days, the very next day the temperature drops and there we are back to freezing again.

So to the people who follow my blog, I am not gone! I am just repairing! 😉

I hope I can get to my sewing table today to finish what I have started. We will see what my body will allow today. Stay tuned for updates and pictures of my finished project.

Thank you for your patience.
Until next post,

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