The Shift Dress

Lately I have been very involved with planning my vacation/summer wardrobe. I have already bought new sandals and some sundresses, and I am starting to look for summer clothing for my son, and planning what I will make for my daughter as well as myself. We are taking a celebration vacation once I am done with school in May, and when we come back my daughter begins her summer semester at college.

My latest obsession has been the simple yet chic shift dress. I absolutely LOVE how these dresses look with a pair of stiletto sandals, as well as the very popular gladiator style sandal. They are perfect for summer. I particularly love the shift dresses made of flowing silks and challis, but I also adore the more stiff yet shapely cotton versions. I plan on making a few of these dresses not only for my daughter, but for myself. Here are some dresses I have come across that I like, and have been using for inspiration for my own creations, one of which my husband actually bought for me.

adorable classic dress from ASOS

There are so many patterns out there for shift dresses! They are so quick and easy to make. They can be made super casual, or super fancy! The choice is yours.

Burda Style. You can download this pattern on their site.

Another BurdaStyle

You can have fun with the back of this dress

Love it
I love powder blue like this

This looks similar to the Burda pattern above

T-shirt shift dress!!! You should easily make this yourself.

applique flowers to embellish. 


Cute floral! Now I know what to do with my challis like this!

AHEM…cough…cough…this looks very much like the dress I made last year! My summer sunshine dress!!

I love this one. I love the soft pastel color blocking. My hubby bought me this one.
Rainbow fun!

I love this…I bet some people won’t…but I like the bold graphics on it.

So lovely

See by Chloe


Lots of stripes work well. I think this is a Sonia Rykiel dress. Its on ASOS.


Metallic sleeves!

More colorblock

I LOVE this dress!! ASOS has this one.


Ted Baker dress!! Lovely!!

Again…ASOS has this…just look in the Shift Dress section

I actually got this pattern for a buck. I will be using it for a dress for Ciarra.
So be on the lookout for posts I make in the near future. You will be seeing various shift dress variations. I love how simple and classic…and EASY these dresses are to make!! I can’t wait to get started!!
What are you going to be making for summer this year?? Any plans? Ideas?? Do share them below!
Until next post,

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  1. I have a couple of those patterns! I also have been planning to make the Burda one with the black houndstooth print ever since I saw it! New Look 6145 looks very similar to a recent pattern I've seen on the blogs, but NL is much cheaper. I might have to bookmark that one. Great looks!

  2. I love how simple these dresses are to make, and the possible combos of fabrics to be used are limitless. You can re-style it what ever way you wish.
    I love classic styles that stand the test of time. You should see the fabric we bought yesterday for one of the shift dresses I will be making for Ciarra. It is so bright and happy, and has two usable sides! It is fabulous. I am thinking about posting up the fabrics to show everyone. We have found some great ones.

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