Welcome March with a plethora of pictures….

 Hello March!! Spring is almost upon us!!
Yesterday it did in fact feel like spring on Ciarra’s 18th birthday! This was the first time where we did not have snow on her b-day. Temperatures were in the low 70’s, and everyone was wearing shorts and flip flops! However…overnight the temps dropped dramatically, and then it began to snow!!

A contrast of yesterday and today’s weather! WOW!

Let’s start with a couple of pics from my birthday…

Had to wear these shoes to the museum. They look like an old Dutch master’s painting!

For my birthday we went to the Virginia museum of art in Richmond. I was so excited to find out that they have the largest collection in existence of jewelry from the art nouveau period! It was utterly amazing to see. They also had quite a bit of the furnature from the period, much of which was created by one of my most favorite artists from that time Alphonse Mucha.
Mucha! I love his work so much!


Then that Friday we went to check out the Admirals hockey game in Norfolk. The Admirals are the feeder team for the Anaheim Ducks! Which happen to be one of our favorite hockey teams. Here is a video I took at the start of the game…

Soren ringing the bell at the start of the game!

The Admirals played the Manchester Monarchs! WE WON! Yay Admirals! One of our guys was actually at the Olympics!

For Ciarra’s birthday she woke up and opened her gifts from her brother, and from her Dad and I.

From Soren

Then we went shopping and then to Yama (sushi) for lunch. From there we went down to the beach at Sandbridge.

Enjoying her cheesecake at Yama.
I love my kids!!

Such a warm and beautiful day!

My happy little dude photobombing my pic!!

I also need to note that Soren got his braces off! YAY! It was funny to watch his reaction. I caught a snapshot of him when they asked him to brush his teeth after they took them off. Two days later, one of the baby teeth he needs to have removed came out on its own! YAY again!


Baby tooth out!

I also was given a gift certificate for shoes for my birthday from my mom. Thanks mom! This is what I used that on…

Floral Sandals! Perfect for Spring!

I love these shoes too…

Today we have had a lot of snow. I am still amazed at how warm it was yesterday, and today it looks like this…
So far March is off to a happy and snowy start! I have a feeling it won’t be too much longer until we see the bugs bursting forth on the trees. 

I totally agree with this mode of thinking! If you wake in the morning with thoughts of happiness and positivity on your mind, then good things are bound to happen.
How is everyone else doing out there??? What have you been up to?? for me it has been school, family and more school….What about you?? I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below.
I hope you are having a beautiful March so far!!
Until next post,

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