Kitchen, Bed, and Bath ideas

Here are a few more ideas that I have gathered up for Kitchen, Bed and Bath. For the Kitchen, no matter what, I will most likely be making it “my own” and so there will be remodeling going on at some point, if not right away. We cook almost all of our meals at home, and rarely eat out, so the kitchen is the heart and hub of our household. This space is a main buying point for us (as well as closet space, and work space) and if the kitchen is outdated, it is a must that it be brought into “the now”, so it  has got to have potential, and not be small. Like I said, we cook a lot, and we don’t mess around. (kinda like the guy below here…but we aren’t serving human! LOL!! But seriously…I LOVE MADS! He is awesome!)

Anyone else watch this show and totally just drool over the amazing dishes he is making…and then realize…OMG…wait!! Is that HUMAN?? LOL!!! I love how they totally mess with our heads!!

Hannibal making up some sausage…hmmmmm

I swear if this man did not eat people, he would be ideal! He dresses amazing, is super talented,Can write music, draw,  UBER SMART, and is passionate about cooking! PERFECTION…

ANYWAY…back to my Kitchen ideas…(giggles abound!)

A set on Polyvore that I put together…All the elements I want in our new kitchen

I am totally freaking out over that sink!! In LOVE! This kitchen has everything!

My new obsession…brick style tiles in marine colors!! 

This has Pantone colors!! PERFECT!



I would love to put some of these under our island. This would be perfect! We eat a ton of fresh produce, so it would be nice to have it all there at the island to wash in the veggie sink!

Viking products are my favorite….in addition to Viking men!! 😉
A MUST! again..we eat a lot of fresh food! We can have chickens if we want where we are moving (which cracks me up considering the area how nice it is. Think Martha Stewart and NOT The Beverly Hillbillies!) and we have thought of having a few for the fresh eggs. We will see. The poop can go into the compost for the garden! SEE…I told you! We don’t mess around when it comes to what we eat! If it’s not fresh and healthy…FORGET IT!

Oh god yes!! I CAN’T WAIT TO HAVE NATURAL GAS AGAIN! I miss cooking on it so much!! Right now we have electric, and if we wanted gas we would need to put in a propane tank. 


 And here are some ideas for Ciarra’s room and for the master bedroom….

Ciarra likes this color on the walls

This is good too…

FOR MY ROOM! I love how relaxing and calming this is!!

Like the little sitting area there

Another icy green…so pretty

 And for the Bathroom…

For the master bath…this is fantastic!!
Check out the shower!! WOW!

Possibly the kids bathroom?

Kids or guest bathroom…

I am loving this…again…this would be the master…

I just had to show this…I think it is amazing. I wonder if the people who own this house are nudists?? LOL! It’s like “HELLO! LOOK AT ME OVER HERE! I AM NAKED IN THE BATH!” I guess if you got it…flaunt it! LOL

If you want to learn more about all of the photographs shown here, and what they used in creating these amazing spaces, please check out It is such an amazing website!

Click HERE to go directly to my lookbook on Houzz.

I can spend hours looking at everything here, and I love how the actual designers and architects can answer your questions! They also have all the amazing home products, which you can purchase directly through the site. If you are into interior design, this site is so for you!

I hope everyone is having a great week!
Until next post,

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