What I am loving now…On the home front!

Lately I have been perusing all of the goodies out there for the home. I have come across many ideas and furniture styles I like.
When I am sifting through the gobs of eye candy that is Pinterest, it is like I am on auto pilot! I know exactly what ideas are “me” and I quickly pin them to my “Ideas for our new home board.” After a bit of time has passed, I will go back and look through all of the things I have collected, and I begin to notice a pattern and theme.  Here is what constitutes “my style”…

My favorite home style…

I love my Colonial homes! Perhaps that is why I love living where I do!!


This is so pretty and cute!! 

My favorite type of Kitchen….I like it white, bright and full of light!!

And as you can tell here…for the main living areas of my home I love the “placid blue” color, paired with cream, and tan. I love shades of sun-washed blues, and greens. But for my office, I must have the pink!!

Love the tiles


Dream laundry room!

Very cool

I love the glass subway tiles!

This sunroom is amazing! These are actually day beds, and this room converts into a guest room.

I love my porch spaces

I love mid-century modern furniture 

absolutely adore this blue!

lovely breakfast nook

No your eyes are not going blurry! It’s the pillow!! I LOVE THESE! I must have some!

And for my office…I like…

Love this pink sofa too…and I also like the office below! 

This is not bad…but I like the one above it better!!!
In my next blog post for tomorrow I will post more things that I love for the home…such as landscaping ideas and more…
All of the links to the ideas you see here today are up on my “Ideas for our new home” board on Pinterest HERE.
I would also like to thank everyone for their patience in regards to the “cherry sprinkles dress.” A lot of people have sent me messages about buying one. Yes….I will be making them, but not until I complete this semester (I have 6 more weeks left to go!) and once I have a place to work! We are in a transition phase right now, and anyone who has bought and sold houses, or has had to move a lot would understand what we have been going through. So thank you again for your patience.
Until next post,

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