Mother’s Day fun…Menu and more

Mother’s Day weekend is here, and it is time for some fun. On Sunday I will be headed outdoors with my family for a Mother’s Day picnic on our boat. The weather looks like it is going to be amazing, and just in time for the official start to our boating season. 
This year the picnic menu will be various tea sandwiches, prosciutto wrapped around melon chunks, cucumber salad, cherry cupcakes, and to drink, rose lemonade and White Star Champagne. All recipes and photo’s below (except for my photos from this blog!) are all available on my “Picnic” Pinterest board here.
Pretty open faced cucumber sandwiches

Raspberry Turkey finger sandwiches


Strawberry Cucumber ! What an interesting and refreshing combo


These are just awesome

This looks like foccacia bread. Would hold up nicely for long trips.

Smoked Salmon

Green Goddess tea sandwiches

Cilantro Lime cucumber salad

Pretty!! This would be great for a wedding!
My favorite “go-to” Champagne. 

Ciarra and I have been waiting to try this for a special occasion.  It is very expensive (costs more than beer! no joke) 
I LOVE this cake recipe! Ciarra made it for me on my birthday one year. I asked her to make it on Mother’s Day!
I am looking forward to this….

This will be us this summer for sure!

Our boat. 

Can’t wait to be doing this!!!

Setting for our picnic
Can’t wait to relax!! I need it!
So I have turned in both of my final projects, and now there is just one week left to go of school. I have been so busy with school, and “other stuff” (which shall be revealed in the near future) that I have not been thinking about what is coming up here in another week….VACATION!!!! I finally had a few moments in which to think about it, and I got butterflies in my stomach!! I am so GLAD to have some fun down in the Florida Keys!!

I need to stock up on lots of sunblock. The sun can be pretty intense down there, and my son got fried the last time we went (he even had sunblock on, but refused to put on more! He learned his lesson) This is going to be quite an adventure, and there is so much we want to do and see. 
I am finishing up Ciarra’s “Sunshine state daisy dress” later today (need to take care of some business first!) I will be posting photos of her wearing it when it is done, but will be taking better photos while we are on vacation. I am not sure if I will get around to making my lemon dress or not before we leave. I would love to have it completed before we go, so I can wear it to dinner or lunch one day while on vacay.
What are your plans for Mother’s day weekend?? Anything special planned?? Do share!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Until next post,

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