Summer Love!! Sandals,Sunshine and Picnics!

 Hello and good day!
I would love to share with everyone some of my favorite things…Sandals, Sunshine and Picnics!!
There is nothing I love more than the feeling I get when enjoying a good meal out in nature. The feel of the sun on my skin, and the breeze in my hair…it’s the best! I pity those who say they hate to be outside. They obviously don’t know what it means to connect with nature, and truly observe its beauty. We are only on this earth a short time, so I like to take in as much of its splendor as possible, and that includes heading outdoors to commune with Mother Nature.

My favorite sandals for the 2014 spring/summer season are my Saltwater sandals! I can’t get enough of these. I love how they remind me of summer when I was a little girl…you know…those perfect summer days when you were a child, spending the whole day outside running and playing with your friends under a powder blue sky! Yes…I am getting sappy and nostalgic here! LOL.


They come in many colors. Click HERE to learn more.

 My Saltwater Sandals are perfect to wear on a picnic! I can’t wait to go on a late spring picnic with my hubby. We have been working our butts off lately, and are due for some alone time. I think a romantic picnic for two on the Palace Green in Colonial Williamsburg would hit the spot…or perhaps a picnic at the botanical gardens?

Here are some images from my Picnic board on Pinterest…I find them inspiring to look at!

Summer picnic with my man!

I love this…doggie and everything!

I need to get a basket like this

Groovy retro pic of a woman reading in the sun! Love it

I could stay here all day

Reading out in the sun is just awesome

Beach picnic party!

Looks like the mountains of Virginia


Just awesome

What to wear for a picnic! So cute


This looks like areas along the C&O trail

YUM! cocktails under the tree!

Great idea!!

Enjoy nature!

Looks like Sangria! Perfect in summer




This is so pretty for a picnic!!

This is a picture I took from this past weekend. The flowers looked amazing down at Riverwalk.

And I took this on Duke Of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg. 

So who is ready for summer?? What sort of plans (vacation?) do you have in store for the up coming season?? Any neat projects you are working on?? I would love to hear from all of you! Please leave me a comment below!

Have a beautiful Day!

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