More from the home front! Updates on my workroom, wildlife and more….

Happy Monday everyone!
It was a very productive weekend for us here. We got a lot of work done, and witnessed some pretty cool things along the way.
John is almost finished with my cutting/storage table. We just have to sand the top of it, and add a bit more paint, then screw the top down. I think it is looking very amazing so far! We also bought, and built the cabinet for fabric storage you see below. Once the cutting table is done, then we are on to the sewing counter. I am also going to add some book shelves as well. I will be putting up a step-by-step tutorial on how to build your own cutting table here on the blog, so look for that in the near future! It cost us less than 200 dollars to build this one, with ample storage (including the colorful drawers). to buy one similar to this, with less storage and not as big they charge 599.00!!! YIKES!

John checking the top of the cutting table to see if it’s good to paint and go forward. You can see my fabric storage cabinet there as well. Stay tuned for picture tutorial and finished project for this cutting table.

Remember back when I was “gathering ideas” for our new place?? I posted up some “sets” I made on Polyvore to brainstorm decor ideas. Here is the one I created for my office. What is so funny is that I did not even know the house we bought existed when I created this set!! Look at the view in my Polyvore set through the window…and then my actual office view! Funny how things turn out eh?? LOVE IT!

When I was brainstorming ideas…look at the window…
And this is my workspace/office actual view!!! What a trip!

I need to find some wooden letters to make my Amy Stebbins sign for above my cabinets. I also tracked down some black and white stripe fabric for my window at IKEA, but I also want to see if I can find something similar local.

I also found the Kit-Cat clock. I love that thing! I have wanted one of those since I was a little girl. I think they are silly and cute. My grandmother had one on her kitchen wall and I always LOVED it. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I would love to find an original one that I could afford right now. All of the ones I have found are over 200 bucks!

I also found a pink and black office chair! I will also be adding that to my office. I need more than one work chair in here.

As for wildlife…OMG…we have so much of it around our home!! It’s funny because we lived in a total “country” area before we moved into this house, but over the 6 years we were there, we only saw various birds, a whole lotta insects, a couple of rabbits, rarely “A deer” (as in only one!) and some squirrels and woodchucks…but here…oh my…here we have moved on to prettier and amazing animals!!
First of all…we have tons of birds. From all those colorful east coast song birds, to barred owls, eagles, hawks and hummingbirds…we have all sorts of fine feathered friends!! And as we discovered the other day…we have a whole bunch of red foxes living behind our house!! Utterly amazing!! We were watching them play and run through the edge of our backyard. I was so surprised to see them, and they were so quick, I was not able to get a picture, but just wait!! I will get my photo! This is they type we saw:

They make a lot of noise!!

Then John discovered this…and on our front lawn beneath the tree!!!


Then we woke to see this in the backyard. We have only been here two weeks mind you, and already we are enjoying the wildlife show!

This picture is grainy because I zoomed in from my second story bedroom! they were eating the seed the squirrels knocked down from the feeder. That baby is adorable!

Then there is the more “domesticated” of the animal wildlife around our home…meet Vinnie…

This is our neighbors cat. He is so sweet and friendly! He loves to hang out at our place. 

Vinnie greeted us yesterday evening before we started our walk. We just love him! He is so gentle and sweet.

As always I loved going on our walk with my family. We were having a good time, and it is always nice to meet and see our neighbors.

Love all that green!

I am already picking spots for future picture taking. I love that I can just do it so easy around my own neighborhood if I want. I just can’t wait to sew!
The clouds were coming in as we were returning….
Almost home!

I am really looking forward to finishing my office. I miss sewing, designing and creating! Setting up house is a lot of work, and we haven’t even started painting yet! Sheesh!

I also look forward to decorating for the holidays. There is so many cool things I want to make. we have lots of trees we can put lights in as well.

Time to get back to work around the house here. I have to get my office area more straight. I moved a bunch of stuff, and found a ton of old scrap fabric I have to go though. ugh!

Have a great week!!
Until next post,

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