My Current Workout routine and my favorite Yoga…

Good Morning…
I awoke to a rather wet and stormy morning….

Raining, and thundering!

Because of this, I did not go out on a walk or run this morning, but instead opted to do my favorite Yoga routine.

I love the Ali Macgraw workout. Not only is it beautifully shot, the flow of this Yoga is just right for my taste. You can download it yourself on iTunes. That is what I did. I used to have this on VHS, then DVD, but now I have it on my ipad, so I can do it anywhere. I now do this workout in my bedroom in the morning on an empty stomach. Here is a sample of what the workout looks like…

After I am done with my Yoga, I will drink a nice tall glass of lemon water. This flushes out the body, and it great for your skin.

When I am not doing my yoga in the mornings, I am running or walking around my neighborhood, or performing HITT on my treadmill.
Usually late mornings, or in the afternoons, I am lifting weights. Here is my current workout. I always switch up my routine every couple of months, so I am always on the lookout for new ideas, besides my own. I really like my current training routine. It’s a nice change. This comes from Muscle and Fitness Hers….

The Transformation Workout Plan

This Team Bombshell sample workout combines specific cardio and weight-lifting drills for serious body-sculpting results

The Transformation Workout Plan
Ready to jumpstart your own body transformation? Try this sample workout from Shannon Dey, M.S.,  founder and CEO of Bombshell Fitness [2], a competitive training and coaching group for female athletes.
If this expert-grade routine seems intense, that’s because it is. But if you want to sculpt, tone, and firm your entire body—including those pesky trouble spots—this is your ultimate blueprint. Designed for an intermediate athlete, the following plan is inspired by the programs Dey creates for her Figure and Bikini competition clients.
Dey points out that it will take at least three weeks of consistent nutrition and training to get increase the metabolism enough to see results, so it’s very important to practice patience, be consistent, and stay positive.
This week-by-week training plan switches up the workouts you perform to prevent plateauing and help challenge your body to its maximum potential.

Week 1: Workout 1 [3] + Daily Cardio
Week 2: Workout 2 [4] + Daily Cardio
Week 3: Workout 3 [5]+ Daily Cardio
Week 4: Workout 1 [3]+ Daily Cardio
Week 5: Workout 2 [4] + Daily Cardio
Week 6: Workout 3 [5] + Daily Cardio
Week 7: Workout 3 [5] + Daily Cardio
Week 8: Workout 1 [3] + Daily Cardio
Week 9: Workout 2 [4] + Daily Cardio
Week 10: Workout 3 [5] + Daily Cardio
Week 11: Workout 2 [4] + Daily Cardio
Week 12: Workout 1 [3] + Daily Cardio
As with most fitness plans, prescriptions may need to be tailored to your specific needs and goals. Always consult a physician before beginning any fitness or weight loss program.
These cardio workouts are intended to be tough. If you cannot complete your entire cardio session in the beginning, do not get discouraged. Push yourself a bit further each day until you can do the entire session at the pace listed. It may take a few weeks of building endurance to be able to complete the entire session.  You know you are working at the right level if you are not able to talk on the phone, or read a book, Dey says.
Warm-up: 5-minute treadmill walk
Treadmill Intervals: Complete the rotation below seven times for a total of 35 minutes. If the speed becomes too easy, increase the rate.
1 minute: Incline 5, speed 4.5
2 minute: Incline 5, speed 5.0
3 minutes: Incline 1, speed 5.5
Track Sprints: Complete six 50-yard sprints with 30-second jogs in between
Warm-up: 5-minute stationary bike or treadmill walk
Bike Intervals: Complete the rotation below six times for a total of 45-50 minutes.
1 minute: Level 5, rpm of 110
1 minute: Level 7, rpm of 90
1 minute: Level 9, rpm of 80
2 minutes: Level 11, rpm of 70
15 wide high jumps
15 pop squats
15 switch lunges on each leg
20 high knee runs on each leg
Only do one weight training session per day. Dey recommends breaking up the weight training and cardio sessions for morning and night. However, if you must do your both sessions at the same time, complete the weight training first. All the moves listed here are designed to be performed quickly, but with good form. Each weight training session should take no more than 45 minutes to an hour. 
Most of these sessions include supersets, which means the exercises and their repetitions listed should be performed back-to-back, without rest.  As an example, the following superset of 2 x 15 leg extensions and 2 x 15 leg curls would be performed by completing 15 leg extensions and 15 legs curls back to back, resting, and then performing 15 of both exercises again for a total of two repetitions or “reps.”
Workout 1
2 x 15 leg extension
2 x 15 leg curl
4 x 20 wide leg press
4 x 20 shoulder-width smith machine squat
4 x 15 leg extensions
4 x 15 narrow stance hack squat
4 x 15 leg curls
4 x 15 stiff legs
4 x 12 side lateral raise
4 x 15 one arm dumbbell shoulder press
4 x 15 rear lateral raise
5 x 15 incline press
4 x 15 pushdowns
4 x 12 bench dips
5 x 12 wide-grip pulldowns
4 x 15 cg cable row
4 x 20 hyper extensions
5 x 15 preacher curls
5 x 12 incline dumbbell curls
2 x 20 leg extensions
2 x 20 leg curls
Do the following exercises four times in a circuit without resting between moves.  Rest 1 minute between rounds.
10 wide high jumps
*Tip: Jump as high as possible and hold for 5 seconds in a deep squat after each jump.
15 switch lunges on each leg
10 step-up jumps on bench on each leg
15 reverse lunges on each leg
10 gallop squats on each leg
4 x 10 shoulder press 
4 x 10 wide-grip pull downs
4x 15 each leg butt machine
4 x 15 good mornings
5 x 10 high bench step ups
4 x 12 leg extensions
4x 12 weighted reverse barbell lunge
4 x 15 dumbbell narrow squats
4 x 12 shoulder-width hack squat
4 x 12 side lateral raise
4 x 12 seated barbell press
4 x 12 high rope pull for rear delts
4 x 15 pushdowns
4 x 15 overhead press
4 x 12 bench dips
6 x 12 wide-grip pulldowns
4 x 15 cable row
4 x 15 one-arm dumbbell row
5 x 12 incline dumbbell curl
5 x 15 seated dumbbell curl
5 x 15 leg curls
5 x 15 weighted step up on bench
5 x 12 seated leg curl
5 x 15 stiff leg
5 x 15 sumo dumbbell squat – rest 30 sec between sets
4 x 15 incline fly
4 x 10 incline press
4 x 15 butt machine
4 x 15 stability ball butt raise
4 x 15 sumo squats with weight
4 x 15 cable butt kick backs
Workout 3
4 x 15 leg extensions
4 x 10 narrow dumbbell squats
4 x 20 shoulder width leg press
4  x 15 switch (jump) lunge
4 x 15 narrow-stance smith machine squats
4 x 10 barbell shoulder press
4 x 10 wide-grip barbell raise over your head
4 x 10 rear lateral raise
6 x 8 side lateral raise – rest 20 seconds between sets
3 x 15 rope pushdowns
3 x 10 dumbbell nose crushers
3 x 15 dumbbell kick backs
4 x 8 wide-grip pull downs
4 x 8 close-grip seated cable row
4 x 12 reverse-grip (palms up) barbell row
4 x 12 assisted pull-ups
5 x 15 hyperextensions
4 x 8 preacher curls
4 x 12 seated dumbbell curl
4 x 15 incline dumbbell culs
4 x 15 leg curls 
4 x 12 leg press
5 x 12 seated leg curls
5 x 12 stiff legs
5 x 12 flat fly
5 x 12 incline cheer press
5 x 15 wide smith machine squat
5 x 12 bosu ball squat
4 x 20 hyperextensions
4 x 15 butt machine
After I hit the weights I drink a post workout supplement and take amino acids. I then usually follow this with a meal. If I can’t get the meal fast enough, I will drink some whey protein isolate.
I forgot to mention that pre-workout I usually drink a pre-workout supplement, or just some green tea.

It is so important to me to stay healthy and fit. This reduces time spent in doctor’s offices, and a great side effect is that you look amazing in clothes or naked!! 😉

What sort of workouts do you take part in?? What is your favorite??

Until next post,

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