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Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is having a great summer thus far. We had a busy holiday weekend, and when we are not out and about running errands, we are painting, scraping, trimming, cutting, and constructing! Setting up house has been no easy task, and is taking a while to complete. My husband of course has to work, so time when he is home to help paint etc. is limited.

My cutting table just needs the top screwed down, and it is finished. It came out fantastic! As I stated, I will be posting a DIY on that one later. Now John is working on my sewing counter. I will also be posting up info on “how to” on that as well.

Sewing counter in progress!

For the 4th we went to my mom’s to set off fireworks, and have some food. I was worried that we would be the only people with the “good fireworks” courtesy of “south of the border” because last year we were the only ones who set off fireworks on my street! This year however we were pleased to find that MANY of my mom’s neighbors had gone to South Carolina as well, so there were many awesome firework displays going on all around us.

My kids starting the night with some sparklers

The day after the 4th, we went out on the Chickahominy river/James river on our boat. It was the first time since Mother’s Day that we had been out, and it was good to be out and about on the water again. The weather was almost chilly! No joke! Arthur had passed by, and with it came cooler weather.

This was on the 3rd. All we got was wind and rain from Arthur. Thank goodness!

The kids as we were just starting to ride up river.


And then on Sunday morning, we got up, ran errands, then went for a quick bike ride near our home on the Powhatan Creek Trail. Before we started the day, we drank our coffee out on the screened in porch. Our regulars came by to say good morning!

Here is video of that…

And here are two edits of a picture I took on our bike ride. Most of it was through the woods, which were so pretty. I forgot to take photos! But next time I will. Here is when we were riding through the historic farm portion. The corn is so healthy and tall!

I plan on future photo shoots here possibly! I love that tractor sign! 

Such a pretty day!

I seriously can’t wait to sew again. I want to make so many things, and it is driving me nuts that I don’t have my workroom completed yet. It is almost done, and I am itching to get to work!! Here are a few fabrics my daughter and I are loving right now. We plan on making some dresses and separates with these.

Perfect for fall. Would be cute in a skirt and top or dress

This is so cute

And this is utterly Ciarra! She wants a sundress made out of this.

Is anyone else already thinking of Autumn?? I am thinking of all the cool things I want to make to wear in the coming season. Now that all my fabric is in my cupboard, I know what is left to make, and I think I will be busy! Not to mention I have fabric I need to use for my Cherry Sprinkles dresses I will be selling. I need to design the rest of my first collection!

I am planning on posting up some of my favorite fashion picks for this coming fall. Stay tuned to see what I would love to add to my closet!!

Have a great day!
Until next post,

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