What I’m working on, and workspace updates…

I am almost finished putting my workspace together (I need to hang pictures and the window treatment) So I thought I would start to lay out a few things, and get ready to sew some pants and dresses.

The trouser pattern I created while in school

While going through all of my fabrics, I ended up throwing away a lot of scraps. I saved the bigger stuff which could be used to make accessories and possibly a top, skirt, or shorts. Then there were my grandmother’s old fabrics…
In them was the Corduroy seen above. This is something that I once hated, but now I am liking…a lot. I particularly love a good corduroy flare pant, wide leg, or even skinny jeans. Of course I wouldn’t think of wearing these in the summer, but this fall and winter…you bet!! I love this burgundy color too…in fact I would say I am obsessed! The other colors I love are rust, plum, forest green and olive. I was so excited to see that I actually had enough fabric here to make a pair of pants…and that it was in one of my favorite fall colors no less! Thanks Gina (my grandmother’s nick name pronounced gin-nah) I am sure she is smiling down on me right now. 🙂
Here are some cords that I love. All images are from my Fashion Love 2 board on Pinterest…


This is like the color of my fabric!!


Cool vintage pic! Love those flares!
And I want to make some blazers too with other fabric I have…always a classic!

WOW…leopard and skinny cords! Cool.

Again…so loving the color.
The pants pattern that I am using is the one I made for school. I will be making modifications to it, by adding a bit of flare at the bottoms of the pant legs. I only have 1-1/2 yards of the burgundy “Gina” fabric, so I need to make it work. I also have a little matching velvet in the same color! I have even been thinking of making a matching top with it, or use it to make sleeves on a matching jacket. We shall see if I have enough.
My Denim trousers that I made for class. I am going to add some belt loops to them. They are a nice straight leg, but I want to have a little more flare at the bottom for the cords…

Classic trousers…
But I want the cords I am making to be more this shape…
Exactly what I want.

The other projects I will be working on are my daughter’s sushi sundress, and my lemon sundress. Here are the fabrics I will be using for that…
I need to run over to Joann and get a zippers and treads for my projects. I have not been in there in a while, so this should be interesting!
I hope to look for some black picture frames this week as well for some vintage fashion images I will be hanging on my walls. I also need to cut the mirror for my awesome vintage oval frame! My hubby painted it black, and it looks fantastic!
Stay tuned for the big reveal in the near future here, and also my pants and dresses!!
Until next post,

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