Featured Project on Burdastyle, done with skirt, and mood boards for my first official collection, and home improvement…

Hello all,
Yesterday (it’s still up today as well) the Lemonade and Bento box dresses were featured projects on the BurdaStyle website.

If you like to sew, and you have not been to the BurdaStyle website, I suggest you check it out. I adore it. We have a great community, with the most amazing people. It’s nice to visit a social type website where the community supports each other…and they hail from all over the world! The more I visit BurdaStyle, the more I cant wait to visit Europe. I really like the people! They are so interesting.
On another note, I have finished Ciarra’s “nightmare stag” skirt. I bet you are wondering why I am calling it that (LOL) well, if you watch Hannibal, you will get it, especially after seeing the print… It has a stags head in it. I really do need to come up with a better title for the skirt…It’s what I’m calling it for now, because it makes Ciarra and I laugh. (I bet Will Graham doesn’t find it funny though! LOL)
Nightmare stag from Hannibal

I have also started putting together my mood board and concepts for my first collection. I love this stage of the process because you get to unload all those ideas in your head, and put them out before your eyes. I love pulling the colors from all the images as well. For this collection I need to have “back up colors” just in case I can’t find a particular shade of fabric I pick out. It’s not like I have mills at my disposal yet, where I can just snap my fingers and say “bring me this tweed with these specific colors” I will be hunting and sourcing fabrics after I pick colors, and sketch my first round of designs. Sometimes people like to pick fabrics first, and then design around them…I don’t. I like to be more versatile, and ready for anything. When you design you have to be flexible, and also know when to put a design to bed. I think I have my theme nailed down, now I just need to get to work printing images, and arranging things.
Examples of mood boards on google image search
Ciarra is also collaborating with me on my collection! She is my second pair of eyes (you need them!) and she is helping with the editing process, and even some of the sewing. My husband is also helping with pattern grading, and technical stuff.
So I guess you can say that this is a family thing…
I was also super excited to see that our work in progress got a shout out on twitter from Better homes and Gardens Real Estate. 

Here is the room so far. John just pulled the tarps off the furniture, and Soren quickly came in to make himself at home! LOL. We have to paint the outlet covers still. I can’t wait to finally decorate the place, and hang art on the walls.

Before and after….MUCH BETTER!!! As you can see on the top photo there is a  thick textured wall paper there…Yeah…We hate wallpaper even more now than we did before. It’s a major pain in the butt to get it all off..especially if it is as thick as this kind was!

The room is so much more soothing now. I like how bright it gets in the afternoon as well!
So check back here soon to see the pictures of the skirt I made for Ciarra. I don’t know about you guys, but I am so ready for boots and sweater weather! I am getting tired of wearing sandals. I guess some people like to wear them all the time, but I’m just not that kind of person. I will also be posting up all about my styling philosophy, and my personal “Do’s and Don’t’s” when it comes to fashion. 
This reminds me of our family room window, and looking into our backyard.

I love autumn rain!
Until next post,
Have a great day!

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