AUTUMN…my favorite time of year has arrived!

Happy Fall Y’all!!
I am so excited that autumn has arrived!! YAY!!! 
Interesting how the temperature dropped just as the season clicked into place. Right now I have a jacket and a robe on! I have been freezing all morning! LOL! I went from being to warm, to needing a jacket outdoors. 
I am super excited to wear all my sweaters…I was pulling them out earlier to look and see what I had. 

Some of my sweaters I brought out this morning to let them breathe…

Today we have rainy weather outside…it makes for a snuggly time indoors. I am thinking about starting up our fireplace later this evening. This morning my son went on an early morning jog, and we could smell that someone had a fire going in their fireplace. It was then it started to drizzle on us, but we didn’t mind. It was just awesome to be outside in the cool weather.

I have been hard at work on my designs, and putting garments together. It is so time consuming and frustrating at times for sure. I have a shipment of fabric coming in tomorrow,  and once it does, I can finish getting together the rest of my selections. I have also picked the template for my online store. I like it a lot.
On Friday, everything gets put aside, so that my family can head to the mountains for some apple picking and an autumn picnic at a winery.  I can’t wait!!! I need a break from everything for a day.

I hope everyone is having a nice start to their fall…Here are some images to get you in the mood! (from my “I Love Autumn” Pinterest Board)

My son when he was younger

Check out Sally’s baking addiction for this yummy recipe!

Me a few years ago

Happy fall to all!!! Have a wonderful day!!

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