Silhouette Skirt-aka “The Nightmare Stag Skirt”

So here is the skirt I made for Ciarra. I also made a duplicate for myself. The skirt is a ladylike midi-box pleat design. When we saw the fabric the first time, we just sort of got “sucked” into the print. We thought it was unique and interesting. The stag is what popped out to us the most, and both of us were reminded of Will Graham’s “Nightmare Stag” from the TV show ‘Hannibal’.
 You can wear this skirt with just about any solid color on the top, despite the ornateness of the print. I think it would look great with red, orange, electric blue, or even a deep green.
Photo’s by John Stebbins:

                      Sweater: Victoria’s Secret (no longer available) Shoes: Saige by Leila Stone

Can you believe it is September 1st?? WOW! Summer just flew by! I look forward to the autumn season as always. I will be so excited when I can wear my sweaters again. It is still a bit too warm here for that.

I will be putting together some pants soon, which will most likely be a part of my first collection. I also will be working on several designs for the premiere collection this week.
Time for me to get back to work! Stay tuned for more projects and updates…
Until next post,

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