Working on my samples, updates, and my autumn cocktail dress

I have been working on perfecting some sample garments for my website. As you know, the “cherry sprinkles dress” was a “franken-dress” and it was made of two previous projects that I re-fashioned, and there wasn’t a pattern… I just sort of pieced things together as I went along.
I am happy to say that there is now a pattern, I have made a sample, and I changed it yet again! I have to make it mine after all. It looks a million times better now!
I also taught my husband and daughter to cut out a dress. Ciarra is so precise and good at it. John was having troubles with the scissors because they were so uncomfortable on his hand (his hands are big and the scissors handles are too small) They both did a good job. Now I just need to train them on how to use the serger.

Ciarra cutting out the dress. She not only models them, but she makes them now too!

My goal is to have these dresses up in time for holiday shopping. I will have a limited amount in the various prints I have picked out (yes there is more than one!) so get yours before they are gone!

I am also working on getting the rest of my line together. I have patterns for a few pieces, but I am always editing and adding more. It’s a process for sure.


On top of all the sample making, I whipped together my “autumn cocktail dress” that I will be wearing for our very first Thanksgiving in our new place. It’s a cute 60’s inspired flirty little dress. I have a couple of pairs of shoes that can go with…I just can’t decide which ones to wear! LOL! decisions…decisions….
I am waiting for a touch more color to come into the trees before we shoot the pictures for it. I want a good pop of color in the background!


The fall color is really starting to come in now. Yesterday my family and I went for a bike ride on our local trail here. It rained lightly on us the whole time. It was actually chilly too! Here are a few pictures I snapped with my phone.

Remember pictures of the tall corn I posted in the past? Well this is what the corn fields look like now! You can see some color there in the distance in the trees.
A pond off the side of the bridge from the trail

The family taking a break while I quickly snap some pictures! I didn’t want my phone to get wet.

My gear shifter broke as we were returning to the trail head! So I took a minute to take some pics…

Ciarra waiting for John to finish examining my bike shifter. We need a new one.

As you can see the larger trees have barely starting to change, while the smaller trees are pretty colorful…

Younger trees change color first.

All of these photos and more are located on my Instagram and Twitter Accounts.  I am just starting to get more into using my Twitter account, and I will be posting more updates and garment info there, as well as on Instagram.

I hope everyone out there is having a fabulous start to the week.
Until next post,

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