Hello again!! Time to catch up…

Picture I took yesterday on the way home from Philly. This was taken in Maryland. 

Hello everyone,
It has been a long time since I have sat at my computer to write up a blog post…no I have not disappeared, I am, in truth just trying to re-adjust!
A LOT has happened, and all at once it seems in the past 6 months! I graduated from school, moved into a new house, started a whole new “mom routine” (both kids have school, one at a co-op the other in college!) learning to care for our new place (it’s much bigger than the last! plus all those trees make for lots of garden work) trying to decide on business details, attending social events (for schools and our neighborhood) taking care of sick family members, and getting sick with the flu myself (Merry Christmas to me! LOL) entertaining guests…and it goes on and on….I admit, it has been an overwhelming adjustment for me. I am just starting to “find my groove” again finally!

I am happy to say that we did in fact take photos of the dress I made which will be for sale (and they came out great!). I will also be taking on clients who wish to have custom garments made for them. Every so often, new items that I design will come up for sale, which will be cut and made according to order. All of this will be available starting the end of January/start of February.

As I stated earlier, my entire family was sick over the holidays. We all got that crappy flu going around. I was totally aweful. It really lingers, and ends with the sick person coming down with bronchitis, or a sinus infection! I has the sinus thing, and it was utterly horrible. This was the first time in over a decade I had a fever! It was weird. If you do come down with an illness, PLEASE STAY HOME! This stuff spread like crazy because the flu shot this year did nothing to prevent it. If you feel bad, be a good person and don’t spread it by going out in public. Thank you!

I have a new blog in the works. I will be posting a link to that here in the near future. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and the URL has been waiting for a year! LOL! Time to get writing.

Here are a couple of pictures I took over the past three days, when my family was up north. My husband had business stuff for work, so he took us along. It was SO COLD and it snowed on us!!

I took this picture in Maryland, just outside Washington DC. I was so GLAD to see trees and nature again. NJ and Philadelphia are just way too concrete for my taste! I am a total and complete nature person.

Snow day sunset. This was taken off one of the roads near the hotel we stayed at. 
This was in the morning on Tuesday after it had started snowing.

Looking out my window in the car after we got something to eat.

You can see the snow blowing. You should see what my car looks like now!! LOL! It needs a bath so bad! All that road salt and dirt all over it. It was also VERY windy, so when cars drove down the road, it would look like a cloud of salty dust everywhere. This picture was taken in NJ, on the way to go get some food.

I am very happy to be back home again. I love all the beauty and nature all around me. I am very thankful to live in such a place. I can’t wait to hit the trails on my bike again soon. It is way too cold for that today! When I last looked at the weather earlier today it said it was 18 degrees, but felt like 4 degrees with wind chill! UGH! brrrrrr!!! I was looking at my Instagram account today at the pretty and green pictures of some of the trails we ride at…soon it will be spring, and once again it will look like this!

I CAN’T WAIT TO RIDE AGAIN!!! I ride all year round, but I like it best in late spring and fall!

I love where I live!! And I love my mountain bike!

I will be posting up some garments I am currently working on, one of which is a top for my mom!
Check back soon for more blog posts, and info on my shop.
Until next post,

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