My name is Mickey “Loki” Stebbins. I am a 1-1/2 year old Italian greyhound/ Jack Russell mix. I graciously accepted my family, and came to live amoungst them on Valentine’s Day of 2015.

I am the official in-house mascot for Amy Stebbins Couture, which I find very acceptable considering how much I adore chewing up fabric.

My family likes to think they run the show, but it is really I, who is the mastermind and ruler of all my domain. You should see how I have my family trained! they succumb to my every whim. 😉

I enjoy spending quality time with my family, taking them on long walks through the woods, chewing up their shoes, and then watching them prepare delicious gourmet dinners for my eating pleasure.

I also frequently enjoy barking at the local wildlife who have the nerve to stroll through my property. These creatures include deer, wild turkey, squirrels, turtles, toads, foxes and pesky raccoons.

I have a deep love for all that is luxurious, which is why I prefer sleeping on gigantic velvet doggie beds and lounging on leather sofas in the sun. When I am not found in one of these places, you will usually spot me snuggled up with a family member.

I must say, it is a great pleasure to meet all of you. Please do subscribe to this blog, in order to keep current with all my antics and adventures.

With love, and lots of licks,



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