looking back at old design projects for inspiration and ideas.

Right now we are working on our “first official collection” which will be released for the 2017 fall/winter season. We are very excited about the changes coming ahead.

A designer will put a lot of work or time into designing something, only to turn around and say “NO! just NO!” and not like it at all. It is all part of the process of working things out and editing. We have already done this several times with future garment designs, and the online shop. We are in the process of planning our relaunch, which will coincide with the launch of the 2017 collection.


Right now we are creating garments as “per order”. Once a customer purchases said garment, it is cut and sewn for them. Only sample sizes are available to be shipped right away, and while they last. We can fit garments to measure a particular client as long is that size is within our label’s size range. If there are any questions regarding this, then all one has to do ask. We welcome any and all questions and suggestions.

True couture is made to order, and fit to the particular clients measurements. It is not sitting in a warehouse in plastic ready to ship. Items in the “designer” category are made according to demand, and in limited quantities. If you have ever shopped or looked through websites that sell fine designer clothing, you will notice many of the items are “pre-order” and only during a certain period of time. This is because making high quality clothing (that actually lasts! unlike fast fashion such as H&M or old Navy) is costly, but oh so worth it!

We are working on some new items for summer right now. We also just wrapped two separate photo shoots of the “orchard dress” as we have been calling it.

When adding a new item to an online store, there has to be many types of photos produced for said item. These photos include those for social media, home page, product page, advertising etc. When we recently shot our “lifestyle” shots out on location, It was a vey humid day, and very wet on the ground (we have been getting a lot of rain here!) Originally we were going to style the dress with heels, but Ciarra had to end up wearing boots! It worked out though, and the pictures came out very nice. We then turned around and shot more “high fashion” type editorial shots indoors. They came out fantastic!


The new photos will be up, along with the new garment(s) in the various colors, very soon! Make sure to sign up for email notifications and follow us on our social media to see them for yourself!

It is a lot of fun to see the style of the label evolving with each new design. Be a part of it! Leave feedback for us and tell us what you think. We don’t forget those who support us, and we greately value your opinion.




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