CHAPTER 10-Using up the fabric stash in 2017

Over the course of my life, I have come to acquire many fabrics. Some I have purchased, and some have been given to me from family. Anyone into designing or making clothing will most likely have a “fabric stash,” and like me, some of these fabrics may have been sitting there for years, waiting to be transformed into something amazing.

While cleaning my studio a few days ago, I opened up my “fabric stash” wardrobe to put some left over fabric from a clients dress away. I soon realized there wasn’t much room left to put away said fabric. It was then I decided to finally attack that stash once and for all…I would set my goal for 2017! I decided I would use up this fabric stash over the course of 2017.

I will be revealing more about what exactly I will be doing with all of these fabrics as time goes on here, but for now I guess I can give one thing away…you will be able to enjoy the designs I create as well. 🙂

On instagram I posted a collection of chiffons, challis, and also crepes that I have on hand. I had people give me feedback on which fabrics they liked the best. From there I decided which fabric I would begin with of the groups to make my first project. Here are the pictures I posted, and the winners of each group:

So which fabrics from each group do you like best??

All of these fabrics will get used eventually, but I think I am going to start by using #4 of group 4, or #3 of group 3. Which do you think I should start with? Comment below please.

What types of garments would you like to see made? What is your favorite length of dress to wear? Or how about favorite type of skirt? What style of coat do you like best, or blouse style??

I really appreciate my readers opinions, and suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to give feedback. Thank you so much!

Until next time….




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