CHAPTER 11-Cherry Dress sold out for 2016, changes coming!!!


The Cherry Dress is now sold out for 2016! Both prints went rather quickly! We have some big changes coming up for 2017, not just in what we will be producing, but also in our blog!

Cherry Dress sold out in both petite and small prints!

I have really missed the days of my old blog, “Amy Stebbins…living a fashionable life”. It was a lifestyle blog that followed my daily routine, my days in fashion design school, traveling, and even fitness. I had a lot of fun coming up with new posts to write, posting projects, photos of daily adventures etc. I found a sense of peace and even comfort in writing, and it helped me to stay focused and motivated.

Ever since my family and I have moved in to our new home, things have just been a whirlwind of constant activity. From sun up, to sun down I am always on the move. If I am not shuttling kids off to classes and activities, I am working on clients orders, or just trying to squeeze a workout in. I feel as though my life is on perpetual fast forward, with no chance of slowing down. It can be very overwhelming. So what now???


As I stated before in an older post, I have a goal for 2017, and that is to try and use up my fabric stash. This is a lofty goal indeed considering just how much fabric is there! However…there are some out there who have a much larger stash than I do! Yikes!! I plan on using this up to create new garment designs that I will then present on the blog and in my shop.

We will also be tweaking the blog format. I am not a complete fan of the way it is set up now, plus I want to switch it back to more of a lifestyle blog. To be honest, I haven’t been super enthusiastic about writing anything, considering I have been doing the same exact thing, day in and day out over the past several months. Nothing really new…same stuff, different day! time to shake myself out of this rut, and do something new and exciting. I want to include DIY’s, tutorials, and hopefully some videos too. I will be teaming up with my daughter for this blog 2.0! LOL! She will also be adding her POV to things. It should be a fun collaboration.

I also plan on adding more diversity to the selection of garments that will be available. A TON goes into perfecting things, so it does take time, and a whole lot of work! Please bear with me during this time. Thank you!

Cherry Dress in small cherry print by Amy Stebbins Couture.
Another view of the Cherry Dress in small cherry print

So what would you like to see more of??? What types of blog posts do you look for, or read most? What type of clothing do you prefer to wear??? Are there any styles or color of garment that you wish were available to purchase, but you can’t seem to find??? PLEASE give feedback! It only takes a moment to leave a comment and support our community.

Looking forward to 2017.

The Cherry Dress.


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      1. Great!! Please contact me when you are taking orders in March for the Cherry Sprinkles dress! Thank you!

  1. Hi Amy,
    Any chance you can recreate Reese’s skirt for my wife? I can send you a pic of the skirt from Sweet Home Alabama. (Grey-white-poppy-floral skirt)

    Feel free to call. 773.251.7771


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